Impress Your Clients: How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gift-giving can be tricky. While presenting thoughtful corporate gifts can be a gratifying experience, trying to find just the right item for everyone on your list can be a little bit daunting.

Not sure where to start when trying to pick the perfect gift? Explore some of these collection ideas to get a better sense of what your gift receiver might like best.


Functional Ideas

One of the toughest things about selecting a gift for colleagues and clients is trying to find something that you know the recipient will not only appreciate but will find useful too. Gift items that are useful are more likely to leave a lasting impression and further your business relationships.

Functional Gift Ideas

Gifts with Impact

One of the greatest things about the season of giving is that it provides us with so many opportunities to have further impact with gifts that present positive influences. Offering your recipients gifts that have important stories to tell will not only help support valuable causes, but will also showcase you brand’s commitment to social responsibility.

Gifts with Impact

Budget Friendly

As much as we love the holiday season, it can be a little tough on all of us, including businesses. Not only is the pressure on to find just the right gift for everyone on your list, but it can put a damper on the holiday spirit if everything is outside of your budget.

Budget Friendly

Need further help picking the perfect gift? Explore these collections and other great gift ideas in the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Canada 150: 8 Ways to Celebrate at the Office

If you live in Canada, you are likely very aware of the big milestone that will be celebrated in just a few weeks as Canada turns 150! As the excitement builds, and plans are being made for parties and celebrations over the long weekend, it’s worth noting that not all the fun has to wait until the weekend. This is a perfect time for workplaces to get involved and plan something special for your employees to get excited about.

Workplace celebrations increase employee engagement and happiness, which in turn is known to increase productivity. So it’s worth it to treat your employees to a little fun every now and then, and Canada 150 is the perfect occasion to throw a little fun into business day.

We’ve come up with a few fun Canadian-inspired ways of how you can celebrate Canada 150 at the office:

  1. Invite your team out to the park for a picnic lunch
  2. Run a photo contest where employees can submit their favourite photos of Canada
  3. Red and White Day – encourage employees to wear red, white or Canadian themed gear
  4. Host Canada Trivia at lunch
  5. Surprise your employees with maple candies on their desks one morning
  6. Host a Canada-themed pot luck lunch
  7. Run a poutine snack bar for a mid-afternoon treat
  8. Raffle off a Team Canada jersey and donate proceeds to a local charity

We’d love to hear how your team or workplace is celebrating this special occasion. Comment below or tweet us @StaplesBusAdv to let us know.

Canada 150 Contest
Tell us how Canada inspires you and you could enter to win* a $1,000 Canadian prize pack! To enter and for contest details visit the Canada 150 contest page. And don’t forget to tweet us to let us know how this beautiful country inspires you using #HowCanadaInspiresYou.


Make Office Gift Giving Fun – Not Awkward

Gift gifting at the office around the holidays can sometimes be a bit awkward. Does a boss buy for the employee? Or does an employee buy for the boss? Should you buy for all your coworkers? And how much should you spend? You want to give a good gift, but don’t want to go over your own personal budget..
Bottom line: sometimes there’s no right or wrong answer. It comes down to each company, and sometimes each department, and the policies or traditions already established.

If you’re unsure of what to give this year, or you want to start a new gift giving trend to ensure everyone can get involved, here are a few ways to go about it that won’t make the season too uncomfortable for anyone.

Make it a Group Activity.
Eliminate the awkwardness of people not knowing who to buy for and make gift giving at your workplace a group activity. Set an affordable spending limit and rather than drawing names, set up a gift swap/steal game.

Make it Delicious.
Everyone loves food, especially gift baskets around the holiday season as they are easy to share with customers or clients that pop by the office, and can come in handy for entertaining guests at home. If you want to get personal, select a themed gift basket based on something the person enjoys – like chocolate, coffee or candy. A nice bottle wine or festive bubbles can also be a useful gift, however alcohol can sometimes be an inappropriate office present – just make sure you know your company policies as well as the person you’re gifting it to.

Make it Colourful.
Plants and flowers make great gifts as they can really brighten up an office or someone’s desk. Poinsettias are a popular choice over the holidays; in fact they are the most popular selling flowering potted plant. Other bouquets and flower arrangements can be made to look extra festive by adding in winter greenery and pops of red and white flowers. Plants that will last throughout the year also make excellent workplace gifts as plant life in an office is known to reduce stress while enhancing productivity – the gift that keeps on giving!

Make it a Donation.
Rather than exchanging gifts as a team or department, collect items for a local charity – canned foods, new unwrapped toys, useful household items and new clothing are all in great need over the holidays. Choose a charity to work with and ask them for a list of their most needed items so your team can work through the list to cover off some of the essentials. Or collect anonymous financial contributions and donate it to your company’s charity of choice.

Looking to make gift giving easy this season? Shop a selection of gift baskets, poinsettias, bouquets and floral arrangements through your eway account and have them delivered right to your office.