Comment choisir le cadeau d’entreprise idéal pour impressionner vos clients

Offrir un cadeau d’entreprise peut être délicat. Quoique qu’offrir un cadeau de façon attentionnée peut s’avérer une expérience gratifiante, tenter de trouver exactement le bon article pour tout le monde sur votre liste peut sembler un peu décourageant.

Vous ne savez pas par où commencer pour choisir le cadeau parfait? Découvrez ces gammes de produits pour avoir une meilleure idée de ce qui pourrait plaire à la personne qui recevra votre cadeau.


Idées de cadeaux pratiques

L’une des choses les plus difficiles à faire lorsqu’il faut choisir un cadeau pour des collègues et des clients est d’essayer de trouver un article qui sera à la fois apprécié et utile. Les cadeaux pratiques sont plus susceptibles de laisser une impression durable et renforcer davantage votre relation d’affaires.

Functional Gift Ideas

Cadeaux qui ont une incidence positive

L’un des grands avantages de la période des fêtes, c’est qu’elle offre plusieurs possibilités d’offrir des cadeaux qui ont des influences positives. Offrir des cadeaux qui ont des histoires puissantes à raconter ne contribuera pas uniquement à soutenir des causes valables mais à démontrer l’engagement de votre marque dans une démarche de responsabilité sociale.

Gifts with Impact

Cadeaux à prix abordable

Même si nous aimons la période des fêtes, la saison peut s’avérer quelque peu difficile sur nous tous, y compris les entreprises. La pression de trouver le cadeau idéal pour tout le monde sur votre liste peut assombrir l’esprit des fêtes si tout ce que vous envisagez offrir dépasse votre budget.

Budget Friendly

Avez-vous besoin d’aide supplémentaire pour vous aider à offrir le cadeau parfait? Découvrez ces  gammes de produits et autres formidables idées cadeaux dans notre Guide de cadeaux des fêtes 2019.

New Products to Help Get You Through Your Workday

As businesses look to streamline processes and employees are tasked with trying to work more efficiently, Staples Business Advantage has created a series of independent new product brands to help employees through the workday. Partnering with designers and customers, these products were designed to inspire creativity and energy throughout the everyday Worklife experience.

Explore some of the exciting new products below.

Union & Scale

A collection of furniture and décor that works together in perfect harmony. Delivering quality, holistic furniture and décor, these collections are thoughtfully designed and built to last.

Union & Scale

Configure the office of your dreams, get started here.

Tru Red

When getting down to business is essential, having reliable and thoughtfully designed tools can make all the difference. These thoughtfully designed business essentials, such as pens, notebooks, shredders, and organizational accessories, help teams work, create and innovate better.


Browse more products from the Tru Red collection here.

NXT Technologies

Technology for the way you really work. These top technology solutions keep teams connected and productive – wherever work takes them.


Shop the full NXT collection here.

Additional brands will also rollout in the coming months, stay tuned!

Impress Your Clients: How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gift-giving can be tricky. While presenting thoughtful corporate gifts can be a gratifying experience, trying to find just the right item for everyone on your list can be a little bit daunting.

Not sure where to start when trying to pick the perfect gift? Explore some of these collection ideas to get a better sense of what your gift receiver might like best.


Functional Ideas

One of the toughest things about selecting a gift for colleagues and clients is trying to find something that you know the recipient will not only appreciate but will find useful too. Gift items that are useful are more likely to leave a lasting impression and further your business relationships.

Functional Gift Ideas

Gifts with Impact

One of the greatest things about the season of giving is that it provides us with so many opportunities to have further impact with gifts that present positive influences. Offering your recipients gifts that have important stories to tell will not only help support valuable causes, but will also showcase you brand’s commitment to social responsibility.

Gifts with Impact

Budget Friendly

As much as we love the holiday season, it can be a little tough on all of us, including businesses. Not only is the pressure on to find just the right gift for everyone on your list, but it can put a damper on the holiday spirit if everything is outside of your budget.

Budget Friendly

Need further help picking the perfect gift? Explore these collections and other great gift ideas in the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

Bringing our Sustainability Efforts into the Community

At Staples Business Advantage, we take great pride in our Corporate Sustainability efforts. We have associates from across the country who are empowered to get involved in a number of charity initiatives, so we are continuously giving back to the communities that we work and live in.

On Sept 25th, we partnered with Tree Canada to be a sponsor of National Tree Day. We had 40 associates step up and volunteer to plant trees across Canada. Communities in the areas of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Boucherville benefited with hundreds of new trees as a result of this partnership and the hard work of many associates.

Click below to see a few photos from our associates hard at work on National Tree Day.

Tree Canada

Boosting Employee Engagement Over the Holidays

One of the hardest but most rewarding aspects of running a business is keeping employees motivated during the holidays. Some office workers go on break, leaving their colleagues to fill in the gap. Employees feel discouraged as they think about people who are off work. Duties at home pile up because the kids are home. Customer demands peak during. Pressure mounts as the company scrambles to meet year-end goals.

You need to take steps to appreciate your employees and recognize their efforts during this burdensome period. Here are three ways to keep your employees engaged over the holidays.

1. Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Workplace wellness is an increasingly important priority in the modern workplace, according to a 2019 workplace survey by Staples. Empowering your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance keeps them motivated.

Avoid encroaching their personal time with workplace demands. Accommodate their workplace preferences by offering options such as remote working and flexible working hours. Create a workplace culture that expresses gratitude to office workers that fill in for their colleagues while they’re on holiday.

2. Set Clear Goals for the Holidays

Be clear about the company’s goals for the holiday and set policies that support flexible work schedules. Let your employees know what your expectations are for them during over the holiday season. Show gratitude to employees who achieve these goals. Doing so uplifts them because they feel that you prioritize their needs.

3. Plan an Office Holiday Event

Plan an amazing office holiday party for your employees. It’ll help get their minds off the pressures and stresses of the workplace. Office holiday events are also an opportunity for coworkers to create new relationships and strengthen current ones. Common event venues include restaurants, hotels and conference centers. You can switch things up holding a themed event at a unique venue such as a sports facility or performance arts center.

Pick a fun interesting theme such as like an office talent show, office Olympics, obscure holiday (e.g., Employee Appreciation Day) or a company milestone. Get the timing for the event right, ensuring it doesn’t drag on too long. Consider hiring a corporate event professional to help you plan a memorable party.

Keep Your Employees in High Spirits

Working during a holiday is stressful. Keep your employees engaged by taking the above recognizing their efforts. Help your office workers maintain a healthy work life, set clear expectations for the holiday and arrange fun events.

Getting Ready for the New Year

As a new year approaches, you need to start thinking of ways to improve your business. Three important areas of your business to prepare for the new year are your employees, your workspaces and your finances. Here’s how to do it.

1. Get your team ready

The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to review you and your team’s expectations. Reflect on your business’s performance so far. Assess your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Use this critical analysis to identify the changes you need to make. For example, you might need to reduce the frequency of your one-on-one meetings and instead receive reports you can quickly glance over.

Establish the new year’s goals for your employees. Focus these goals on a few key areas that everyone can support. The goals should tie into your company’s overall strategy. Once you have in place goals for your team, create a plan which defines your expectations for your teams. Other ways to prepare your employees for the new year include training your employees on new skills and doing a company outing to motivate them.

2. Get your workspaces ready

An organized workspace enhances your business’s productivity. Modern office supplies help organize your workspace for optimal workflow. Two common office supplies that many businesses use to maintain a high productive workspace are desk organizers and plastic storage bins.

Desk organizers sort your paper documents and tidy up your desk supplies to improve focus and minimize distractions. You can go for complete TRU RED desk organizer sets or mix and match different components. Plastic storage boxes keep your documents organized and safe. Go for storage boxes with good handles, latches and locks for easier handling.

3. Get your finances ready

You’re always in search of ways to enhance your business’s operational efficiency and its financial intelligence. Automating your business process can help you achieve these goals provided you use the right tools. Modern businesses rely on several software tools for business operations. Together, these tools integrate all your data into a central platform that boosts your bottom line.

Some of the functions you need to automate to enhance your company’s systems include data fetching, bill payment, time tracking, expense management, tax management and invoicing. Examples of software tools to consider include Quickbooks, TSheets, Expensify and Hubdoc. These systems give you peace of mind by making your systems efficient and reducing the risk of fraud.

Holiday Celebrations for Motivation and Teamwork

Celebrations bring people closer. This is as true in companies as it is in families. Many aspects of office holiday celebrations tie in together to keep your people engaged. There’s no shortage of holidays that you can use to strengthen the sense of camaraderie among your people. For example, you can go with fun national holidays in Canada such as National No One Eats Alone Day (February 9) and National Bike to Work Day (May 18 or Third Friday in May).

Planning for Office Holiday Celebrations

Amazing office holiday events don’t happen spontaneously; you need to plan for them to be a success. A number of factors go into planning a memorable office party for the holidays. You need to pick the right venue, choose the appropriate theme, get the timing of the party right and make sure the celebrations are inclusive of people from various cultures. You might also need the help of a professional event planner to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Venue options for office holidays include conference centers, restaurants and hotels among others. If you want to make the even more memorable, consider choosing a unique location such as a sports facility or a performing arts center. The idea is to switch things up and give your colleagues an experience they’ve never had before.

When it comes to the theme of your office holiday event, there are various options that you can explore. You can plan a sporting event such as an office Olympics. Alternatively, you can do an office talent show or choose a theme around a well-known aspect of pop culture such as Game of Thrones.

Other options include celebrating a company milestone or an obscure holiday such as “Fun At Work Day” (January 28) or Employee Appreciation Day (March 1 or the first Friday of March). The key is to choose a holiday that most, if not all, your colleagues can relate to. Give preference to themes and celebrations that emphasize employee loyalty.

Once you bring together all these elements, the next step is to make sure that you get the timing right. You don’t want the party to drag on too long. Otherwise, the people at the party may get bored. Don’t be shy about asking for help. You can create a team of office workers that are responsible for planning the party, or consider hiring a professional corporate event planner to ensure that every aspect of your office or the event runs smoothly.