4 Useful Tips for Staying Connected to Your Workplace

Whether you’re routinely working from home or have to be out of the office for a few hours, there are a variety of ways to stay connected. Modern technologies have the potential to enhance your productivity when you’re away from your desk. Technologies that enable you to communicate via a smartphone or your laptop help you remain effective so you can make the most of the time you spend on remote work.

1. Utilize a Work Portal or Collaboration Hub

Work portals may be established within a company website or accessed through an outside collaboration hub provider. There are both paid and free collaboration hubs available, and these hubs offer an easy way to collaborate with team members within work groups.

2. Check Email Frequently

Add frequent email check-ins to your work schedule as a way to stay on top of communications with your peers or employees. Consider scheduling email check-ins and setting a timer to remind you to open your email account when you’re in the midst of a project that requires frequent updates.

3. Use A Mobile Device for Text Messaging

A mobile device, such as a smartphone or even a basic flip phone, can be used to exchanging text messages about work tasks with others from your office. Brief messages, such as reminders about meetings or to request digital files, are especially suited to texting. This type of messaging is ideal for times when you’re going to be away from other traditional communication sources but still need access to information from your office.

4. Have Phone or Video Messaging Conversations

Sometimes, a direct conversation provides you with the information you need in the fastest way possible. When this is the case, consider connecting with office mates using a phone or video messaging conversation. These communication modes provide immediate feedback, so you’re able to confirm that each party to the conversation is on the same page.

Technology makes it easy to stay in contact with the office, so you’re able to remain productive when you’re away from your work site. Combine these technologies with traditional office supplies, such as notepads, colored pens and a planner to make it easy to keep plenty of notes about tasks you need to do when you’re back in the office.

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