How To Stay Motivated After the Holidays

Time off with family and friends for the holidays can provide a wealth of benefits, including helping you gain a better work and life balance, and can help you reset yourself mentally. However, the parties, food and relaxation may make you feel less than motivated to go back. To help you get back into the swing of things, consider these tips.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Map out your workday by creating a to-do list. Instead of focusing on the hardest tasks first, start with a few simple projects to help you ease back into the daily hustle. Marking items off your to-do list will help motivate you to keep going, even if the tasks are small. Break down very large projects into several smaller ones to help you complete the task in steps.

Take Frequent Breaks

If possible, stop every hour or every two hours for a short break. Stretch your legs by taking a short walk, drink some water or simply stand up at your desk and stretch. Get your body moving to help fight fatigue and to keep you alert and focused. Regular breaks can reduce stress and create a more positive work environment, according to the Canada QuickBooks team.

Socialize with Coworkers

Friendly chatter with coworkers can help make your day pass quickly and can create a more positive environment to work in. Make a point to stop and chat with close colleagues, and ask about their holidays. If you took time off while others worked, ask if you missed anything while you were gone. A simple conversation with friends at work can make your entire day better. Friends at work can also make you motivated to do more and can help boost your overall job satisfaction.

Clean Up Your Inbox

An office inbox can fill up quickly while you are on vacation and answering everyone at once can seem overwhelming. The Daily Muse suggests creating three separate folders in your email: one for emails that must be addressed immediately, one for emails that can wait and a third for those that can potentially be deleted. Read through the subject line, and sort your emails into three folders. Address your priority emails and save the others for another day.

Going back to work after the holidays doesn’t have to be a stressful time. By easing your way into your work and the work environment, you can be productive without feeling overwhelmed.

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