Boosting Employee Engagement Over the Holidays

One of the hardest but most rewarding aspects of running a business is keeping employees motivated during the holidays. Some office workers go on break, leaving their colleagues to fill in the gap. Employees feel discouraged as they think about people who are off work. Duties at home pile up because the kids are home. Customer demands peak during. Pressure mounts as the company scrambles to meet year-end goals.

You need to take steps to appreciate your employees and recognize their efforts during this burdensome period. Here are three ways to keep your employees engaged over the holidays.

1. Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Workplace wellness is an increasingly important priority in the modern workplace, according to a 2019 workplace survey by Staples. Empowering your employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance keeps them motivated.

Avoid encroaching their personal time with workplace demands. Accommodate their workplace preferences by offering options such as remote working and flexible working hours. Create a workplace culture that expresses gratitude to office workers that fill in for their colleagues while they’re on holiday.

2. Set Clear Goals for the Holidays

Be clear about the company’s goals for the holiday and set policies that support flexible work schedules. Let your employees know what your expectations are for them during over the holiday season. Show gratitude to employees who achieve these goals. Doing so uplifts them because they feel that you prioritize their needs.

3. Plan an Office Holiday Event

Plan an amazing office holiday party for your employees. It’ll help get their minds off the pressures and stresses of the workplace. Office holiday events are also an opportunity for coworkers to create new relationships and strengthen current ones. Common event venues include restaurants, hotels and conference centers. You can switch things up holding a themed event at a unique venue such as a sports facility or performance arts center.

Pick a fun interesting theme such as like an office talent show, office Olympics, obscure holiday (e.g., Employee Appreciation Day) or a company milestone. Get the timing for the event right, ensuring it doesn’t drag on too long. Consider hiring a corporate event professional to help you plan a memorable party.

Keep Your Employees in High Spirits

Working during a holiday is stressful. Keep your employees engaged by taking the above recognizing their efforts. Help your office workers maintain a healthy work life, set clear expectations for the holiday and arrange fun events.

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