New Products to Help Get You Through Your Workday

As businesses look to streamline processes and employees are tasked with trying to work more efficiently, Staples Business Advantage has created a series of independent new product brands to help employees through the workday. Partnering with designers and customers, these products were designed to inspire creativity and energy throughout the everyday Worklife experience.

Explore some of the exciting new products below.

Union & Scale

A collection of furniture and décor that works together in perfect harmony. Delivering quality, holistic furniture and décor, these collections are thoughtfully designed and built to last.

Union & Scale

Configure the office of your dreams, get started here.

Tru Red

When getting down to business is essential, having reliable and thoughtfully designed tools can make all the difference. These thoughtfully designed business essentials, such as pens, notebooks, shredders, and organizational accessories, help teams work, create and innovate better.


Browse more products from the Tru Red collection here.

NXT Technologies

Technology for the way you really work. These top technology solutions keep teams connected and productive – wherever work takes them.


Shop the full NXT collection here.

Additional brands will also rollout in the coming months, stay tuned!

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