Holiday Celebrations for Motivation and Teamwork

Celebrations bring people closer. This is as true in companies as it is in families. Many aspects of office holiday celebrations tie in together to keep your people engaged. There’s no shortage of holidays that you can use to strengthen the sense of camaraderie among your people. For example, you can go with fun national holidays in Canada such as National No One Eats Alone Day (February 9) and National Bike to Work Day (May 18 or Third Friday in May).

Planning for Office Holiday Celebrations

Amazing office holiday events don’t happen spontaneously; you need to plan for them to be a success. A number of factors go into planning a memorable office party for the holidays. You need to pick the right venue, choose the appropriate theme, get the timing of the party right and make sure the celebrations are inclusive of people from various cultures. You might also need the help of a professional event planner to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Venue options for office holidays include conference centers, restaurants and hotels among others. If you want to make the even more memorable, consider choosing a unique location such as a sports facility or a performing arts center. The idea is to switch things up and give your colleagues an experience they’ve never had before.

When it comes to the theme of your office holiday event, there are various options that you can explore. You can plan a sporting event such as an office Olympics. Alternatively, you can do an office talent show or choose a theme around a well-known aspect of pop culture such as Game of Thrones.

Other options include celebrating a company milestone or an obscure holiday such as “Fun At Work Day” (January 28) or Employee Appreciation Day (March 1 or the first Friday of March). The key is to choose a holiday that most, if not all, your colleagues can relate to. Give preference to themes and celebrations that emphasize employee loyalty.

Once you bring together all these elements, the next step is to make sure that you get the timing right. You don’t want the party to drag on too long. Otherwise, the people at the party may get bored. Don’t be shy about asking for help. You can create a team of office workers that are responsible for planning the party, or consider hiring a professional corporate event planner to ensure that every aspect of your office or the event runs smoothly.

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