6 Mistakes to Avoid When Working Remotely

Remote working and telecommuting are becoming increasingly common. As a remote worker, you need to do certain things to maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues and managers at the office. Here are six mistakes you should avoid making when working remotely.

1. Maintaining the Same Routine

Avoid keeping the same routine after you shift to a remote working position. Add intentional networking to your schedule to maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers. Consider scheduling more interactions with your managers to clarify your priorities, get informal feedback and keep up with office news related to your role.

2. Not Getting Enough Breaks

You can lose track of time when working remotely because there are no colleagues to invite you to join them for lunch or a break. Schedule time to eat, hydrate, move and stretch throughout the day. Many remote workers struggle with maintaining mobility and good health in their work environments. Additionally, taking frequent breaks from screens helps reduce eyestrain.

3. Using Your Bed or Couch as Your Desk

Dedicate an area in your home for work, and keep all the materials you need in that space. Your bed isn’t meant to be a working space. Unless mobility challenges limit you to working from your couch or bed, keep a separate place for work and non-work-related activities in your home.

4. Failing to Learn Conference Call Etiquette

As a remote worker, much of your communication with colleagues and managers may be through conference calls. Make sure your presence is appreciated, and set yourself apart by learning conference call etiquette such as announcing yourself appropriately, preparing well for meetings and using the mute button to mask unpleasant sounds from your environment.

5. Working in Pyjamas

One of the advantages of remote work is it lets you be flexible with your wardrobe. But keep in mind that your clothing affects your performance. While there’s no universal dress code for remote workers, it’s a good idea to dress neatly to maintain clarity of mind.

6. Staying Isolated at Home

Spending too much time in your home office can lead to isolation and loneliness. Find opportunities to switch up your work environment. If you miss your lunchtime interactions with your colleagues at the office, schedule lunch with others and make time for social events related to your field. You can also consider joining a nearby co-working space where you can work around other professionals.

Follow these tips to make working from home both pleasant and productive.

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