Why New Tech is Employees’ Leading Workplace Wish

When it comes to workplace wishes, 43% of employees put new technology at the top of the list. This is unsurprising when you consider that innovative technologies can help staff track their work easily and finish tasks quicker. New technologies can also help your employees work remotely, which can help you attract new talent as more than 70% of Canadian millennials would prefer to work from home.

Don’t overlook the benefits to your business. Employees spend 20% of their work week looking for documents, a task that can be streamlined by new technology. Consider the following technologies to keep your staff happy and on track.

Connect Seamlessly

When employees are spread out, communication becomes difficult. Instant messaging programs create a platform for conversations about finishing projects, as well as the casual connections that build a happy workplace and help foster innovation. Slack is the most well-known of these platforms, but newcomers Chanty and Fleep may better fit your business. You may also want to consider video conferencing software for face-to-face conversations and email management solutions to help staff stay on top of their inbox.

Manage Workflow

Employees want to easily see the status of projects and the steps they need to move the project forward. In the past, this was recorded on a whiteboard, but new apps allow teams to keep all tasks in the one place, easily add new steps and update in real-time what each they are working on. Plus, cloud technology allows everyone to access the app at once from any corner of the globe. Solutions like Trello and Asana also keep documents and resources in the one place so everyone on your team can work more efficiently.

Finish Faster

Everyone wants to finish their tasks faster, and new technologies can help your staff achieve this. Workflow automation uses rules to automatically complete tasks, like an out-of-office reply. This same concept can reach into nearly every area of a modern business. Automation can be used to create invoices, manage sales leads, enter data and organize documents. Look for a workplace automation solution that integrates with your other software to make sure you get the most from it. Zapier, Integrify and Kissflow are all popular options. Innovative time trackers and document management solutions can also help people finish their tasks more easily.

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