5 Ways a Mobile Workspace Adds Value

MagazineCanada reports that the revolution toward flexible workspaces benefits companies and their employees. These advantages amount to greater productivity and growth for many organizations, and Wayne Berger of the International Working Group Canada and Latin America notes that the mobile workforce trend is changing the game for employers and employees. Discover five reasons mobile workplaces are where your company should be heading.

1. Attracting Talent

More employees are looking for flexible ways to manage professional and personal time requirements. Workers of all generations want a work lifestyle that combines meaningful employment with the freedom and ability to connect to the workplace whenever and wherever they choose. Mobile workplaces are becoming necessary to attract strong talent for entry- and senior-level positions.

2. Portability

The global economy is operating around the clock in many locations. Mobile workspaces let your employees be wherever your customers are, so work gets done more quickly. Technology, such as instant messaging and video calls, can speed up gathering information from co-workers and customers. Mobility also gives your workers freedom to do their jobs in ways that are most feasible for them, colleagues and clients.

3. Efficiency

Digital communication and cloud-based apps help employees and freelancers do work with greater efficiency and speed than in traditional office settings. Travelling to business meetings is no longer as necessary because workers can easily connect virtually. Mobile workspaces do away with much of the waste of time and resources common in offices.

4. Productivity

Mobile workspaces let employees have more freedom to work at their pace, including non-traditional working hours. Many individuals find it easier to focus more on their work without office distractions. According to a 2019 IWG survey, over half of Canadian workers feel that virtual meetings are more efficient, and increased productivity from mobile workplaces translates to greater revenues.

5. Savings

Research shows that employing a mobile workforce saves companies money. Lower overhead costs diminish significantly with lower paper, utility and office space expenses. The IWG survey noted that 83% of Canadian employers cite reduced real estate management costs as a benefit of mobile workspaces. This is another boon for the bottom line.

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