4 Great Tips for Tackling Summertime Procrastination

Tackling summertime procrastination is doable whether you work in or out of the home. Working doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of activities that make you happy. Getting a handle on your procrastination lets you achieve more of a balance between your job and all the things you wish you could be doing instead. The following tips can help get you going.

1. Reward Yourself for Finishing Tasks

If you’re often inspired by rewards, consider using that tactic when it comes to work procrastination. Many options could propel you forward. It could be something as seemingly simple as getting an iced coffee or dining al fresco at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

2. Commit Yourself to Separate Work and Play

Dedicate yourself to making work time all about work and play time all about play. Everyone has their own personal distraction triggers, like text message notifications, which could lead to procrastination. Determine what yours are and do what you can to prevent them from happening. According to the Udemy 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, decreasing distractions in the workplace can have a positive impact on employees. When you’re working, reduce distractions and use laser focus to do your tasks. But when you take a break, use that time to clear your mind. During off hours, avoid work emails and messages and just enjoy doing summer activities you love.

3. Schedule Bursts of Downtime

Taking breaks throughout your day and doing activities, like going for a walk, can be good for you. Listen to music, grab an ice cream cone, sit in the park and feel the warm sun, or do whatever it is that brings a smile to your face.

4. Complete Urgent, Time-Sensitive and Difficult Tasks First

Do the tasks first that you’re not looking forward to doing so you’re not using less important ones as a procrastination tactic. Once they’re completed, it’s like a weight off your shoulders. This could also let you fully focus on having fun during your off time rather than worrying about what still needs to be done at work.

You have the ability to tackle summertime procrastination. Consider all the activities you can do and the clear mind you can have once the work is done. That peace is worth more than procrastination.

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