The Best Ways For Your Business To Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer in Canada officially starts today, June 21. It might seem like the only way to celebrate the summer solstice is sitting around a bonfire or by the dockside. But you’ll be surprised to find that there are some ways to celebrate it with your colleagues. Since numerous associations plan indoor business events and seminars in the winter months, event planning for the summer provides a welcomed change of pace and an opportunity to get outside. As an event organizer, you should always be ready to suggest ideas for your corporate hospitality events, sales summits, and even product launches.

Here are the best business summer event ideas that will take advantage of the summer solstice.

1. Ground and Centre Your Team on the International Day of Yoga

The summer solstice coincides with the International Day of Yoga (IDY), a day for acknowledging the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga. Businesses can use this day to offer employees a way to share a therapeutic practice.

Company employees can attend a group yoga class. Many studios and instructors offer customized yoga events and classes on the week of International Yoga Day. Identify a good studio near your business premises and schedule a group yoga class. You can also support the local yoga community by donating a studio that offers free classes.

2. Start Summer Resolutions

Create a summer thrill list with your business partners. Pull out the markers and poster board and let the creativity flow. Watch the movie Not Bummer Summer and Judy Moody for inspiration. Summer resolutions resemble the New Year’s resolutions. Although, unlike the start of the year that follows with simply a couple of days of freedom before school, summer is three months packed of opportunities. As a group, start by setting small goals. Understand that you’re on holiday, so there is no harm to go off track on some occasions. Of significance, remind yourself daily what you want to achieve, and lets this be the fuel that leads you to make a change.

3. Thoroughbred Horse Racing Events

“Win, place, or show!” A day out for thoroughbred racing, bizarre food and manicured grounds is a great approach to shaping business relationships whether it’s with clients, workforces, or even business partners. Group entertainment package alternatives may comprise the following:

  • Box seats
  • Administrative suites and millionaire’s a dining room
  • Marquee tents
  • Meeting facilities

Event Planner Pro Tip: Ensure your program consist of a winner’s circle group photo for your visitors.

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