3 Steps to a Modernized Workplace Employees Love

The past year has seen many progressive office design trends. From spirited and social colour themes to eco-friendly flooring, there’s no shortage of ways to modernize your office. Here are three ideas that your employees may appreciate.

1. Implement Design Features That Promote Overall Well-Being

A workspace that supports good physical and mental conditions for your employees improves their performance. Modern office design features that promote good overall well-being include:

  • Recharging rooms such as electronic-free zones, power-nap areas, yoga and meditation rooms for physical and mental rejuvenation
  • Gaming areas that include an arcade machine, pool table, or ping-pong table to encourage fun and exercise
  • Natural elements such as natural light and plants to improve mental health
  • Height-adjustable desks to improve energy, lower risk of heart disease, and reduce back pain

2. Consider Using Collaborative Coworking Spaces

Finding affordable workspace used to be a major problem for small businesses and start-ups. Nowadays these businesses can rent shared office spaces without having to commit to long-term contracts that tend to be expensive.

Referred to as coworking, this concept is becoming increasingly popular, especially in creative industries. Many businesses prefer this solution because it allows employees to have a flexible work schedule and supports collaboration between like-minded professionals.

Create a lively, collaborative coworking space by setting up shared desks, meeting pods, and whiteboards for brainstorming. These elements ensure that your workspace supports the growth of your business and helps attract a constant stream of new clients. Be sure to strike a balance when using open office plans, though: almost a third of the respondents to Staples 2019 Canadian Workplace Survey cited their office’s floor plan as “too open” and distracting.

3. Set Up Feature Walls That Match Your Brand Identity and Journey

Use feature walls to impress your visitors, inject a captivating aesthetic theme into your interiors, and promote your brand. Examples of inexpensive options include:

  • Framed testimonials that inspire trust in prospective clients and employees visiting your offices
  • A story wall that gives an account of your brand’s journey, highlights your company’s strengths, and encourages conversation around your history
  • Vinyl wall graphics that promote your brand identity, for example, woodland graphics that match your company’s pro-environment ethos

Feature walls are one of the easiest modern office design features to implement and are an affordable way to develop your brand. If you’re in search of ways to advance your brand, consider brainstorming some ideas for your feature walls.

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