Back-of-the-Net Promotion Ideas For Womens World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place this summer in France from the 7th of June to the 7th of July. This year’s event marks the eighth edition of this tournament, which consists of 24 teams from six confederations all around the world.

To gear up for this exciting occasion, many small businesses may want to consider offering promotions to help generate business and interest. Some of our suggestions are outlined below.

For an electronics retailer: offer a sales promotion for flat-screen TVs

Whether you’re a big-box store or smaller operation, offering an exciting sale on flat-screen TVs is a great way to promote the Women’s World Cup. Ideas include a certain percentage off of the total cost, issuing special-edition coupons or providing a free gift with their purchase.

Ideas for restaurants and bars

Area restaurants and bars are small businesses that benefit the most from a soccer tournament like this because World Cup fans are likely to venture out and watch the games with their friends and among other soccer fans for a more exciting atmosphere.

As a restaurant or bar owner, you can do your part by offering food specials, drink specials and decorating your venue for the most exciting games. Take a look at the schedule and pick out several match-ups that feature fierce rivalries and draw out the most fans.

Weekend games are ideal for this, since that’s when most people are bound to head out for an evening of watching the game. If you’re located in a walkable downtown area, make sure to advertise at your venue, inside and outside, and make the event known on social media channels.

Kick off your Women’s World Cup event on opening night by providing specials on food and cocktails, or take it one step further and offer half-price beers or pizzas for those who arrive 30 minutes before kickoff or offer the same to the first 100 people, whatever makes sense for your business.

And — perhaps most important — be sure you have comfortable seating and plenty of large screens so you can ideally show multiple games at once.

Benefits of promotions and specials

When you use an event like the Women’s World Cup to host special events and offer exciting, money-saving promotions, you can help generate genuine energy and interest for your business, draw in new and existing customers and create a lively atmosphere. This way, even when the Women’s World Cup is over, plenty of happy customers will want to return for a meal or a drink when they’re in the neighborhood.

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