Five Amazing Workplace Strategies for Stress Management

Statistics Canada notes that more than 25 percent of Canadian workers have reported experiencing high to extreme stress daily. Work is the primary source of stress for 62 percent of workers, while time and finances are the main pressing matters for 12 percent of them. More than ever, companies are developing novel methods to help employees manage stress. These outstanding strategies are cultivating and empowering loyal, focused workers to be their best.

Help Fund Employee Vacations

Although companies often offer paid vacation time, many workers cannot afford to do much more than stay at home. At well-known human resources tool provider BambooHR, every employee receives money for vacation expenses once a year. The company wants to help employees enjoy enriching experiences and create memories that provide a reprieve from pressures.

Pay Employees to Give Back

Helping others is a powerful way to foster gratitude and gain fresh perspectives on issues that cause stress. Companies like pipeline operator NuStar Energy and Salesforce give workers at least seven full days of paid time annually to volunteer with a charity. Fortune observed that organizations who make this investment see reduced turnover.

Offer Counseling Services

Financial stress is epidemic, and the weight of it impacts employee productivity at virtually every level of many organizations. BambooHR hosts a “Financial Peace University” course on money management as well as financial advising. They also provide help with substance abuse, care for dependents and elders, and more.

Let the Dogs In

Workplace insights provider kununu reports that people who bring their pets to work have less stress and more job satisfaction. Ben and Jerry’s, Amazon, and Proctor and Gamble allow pets to accompany their owners on the job. This would not be feasible in certain scenarios like factories or construction sites; however, where open-door pet policies can work, employers can utilize this strategy with no major cost to the company.

Provide Great Spaces to Unwind

Allowing employees time to take a break is a given. If employees have access to stress-reducing environments, they are more likely to come back refreshed and ready to focus again. Some possible ideas include meditation rooms, yoga and wellness classes, onsite gyms and paths for walking and hiking.

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