4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Your Workplace

The number of working women in Canada is increasing. Women’s History Month is a time to shine the spotlight on women’s issues and appreciate female colleagues. Here are four thoughtful ways to do that.

1. Say Thank You Out Loud

We all like it when people acknowledge our effort and accomplishments. Unfortunately, women in the typical workplace receive less recognition. Similarly, compared to their male counterparts, women are more likely to receive negative feedback. If there’s a woman in your workplace whose work you admire, Women’s History Month is a good opportunity to make it known. For example, if one of your female members of your team performed exceptionally on a recent project, put in a good word for with your supervisor.

2. Take Action

If you’re deeply concerned about women’s issues such as the gender pay gap or sexual harassment, take action to help. Throughout Women’s History Month, call your representatives and insist that they pass legislation that is supportive of women in the workplace. When many people make frequent calls to legislators about a given issue, the lawmakers are encouraged to enact or change the laws to reflect the demands of the people. You can also attend events and protests related to the women’s issues that you are passionate about.

3. Mentor Female Newcomers

Public and private institutions perform well when there is diversity in opinion and experience. You can boost women’s representation in your organization by mentoring them. The higher your position in the organization, the more you have to offer female newcomers who are interested in learning from your journey. Share your experiences and vouch for female newcomers who demonstrate the talent, skills and commitment to succeed.

4. Uplift and Honour Yourself

Many women in the workplace are not good at advocating for their needs. Uplifting and honouring others is important. Doing the same for yourself is just as essential. If you’re among the women who shy away from exhibiting self-congratulatory behaviour, Women’s History Month is a good opportunity to take time to appreciate and reward your successes because your accomplishments are worth celebrating.

Women’s History Month is a chance for us all to celebrate women, but making the above practices part of our daily lives will have the greatest impact.

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