5 Tips for Backing Up Your Data

You can lose all your data suddenly because of corrupted files, hardware failure, inadvertent deletions, malware or virus attacks and overwriting data, among other causes. When this happens, the only thing that can save you is a backup. Always keep the following data backup tips in mind to be safe.

1. Choose a File Organization Standard that Works for You

The first step to a robust data backup plan is to organize your data. Develop or choose a file organization system that is easy for you and your users to navigate. Having a well-organized file storage system save you a lot of time and effort when you need to retrieve and restore all your data to the right locations.

2. Prioritize Important Files

Identify important files and give them the highest priority. Crucial files include:

  • All files you can’t do without
  • All files you might need in the future
  • All files related to your product or service
  • All files you can but wouldn’t want to recreate
  • All files that can’t be recreated

3. Back Up Your Files in a Local Physical System

Create a local backup for all your important files. Keeping backup files physically at your offices gives you maximum control and makes retrieval easier.

4. Back Up Your Files in the Cloud

An off-site backup system is important because it provides redundancy and mitigates catastrophe. Cloud backup offers an additional layer of redundancy, which would prove useful if your local backup fails. Causes of local backup failure include:

  • Failure to run
  • Failure to run properly
  • Media filters
  • Hardware failure
  • Degradation of data

Local backups can also be destroyed by natural disasters such as floods and accidents such as fires. Having cloud backup helps mitigate these risks.

5. Automate Your Backup Systems

Automation eliminates the need to remember to run scheduled backups. Still, check your backup systems periodically to ensure they’re running properly.

When it comes to data backup plans, something is better than nothing. Implement a backup plan now even if it’s not ideal. Many businesses and individuals have fallen victim to data loss because they were waiting for their data backup plan to be perfect before putting it in place. Remember, the best backup strategy includes both cloud and physical backup.

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