How Healthy Sleep Helps Job Performance

World Sleep Day is an annual event that focuses on the importance of healthy sleep patterns and calls attention to sleep issues. Not only can good sleep patterns affect your personal life, but they can also impact your job performance and productivity.

This global event addresses the management and prevention of sleep disorders, and it’s held the Friday before the spring vernal equinox. Consider these benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

Improved Concentration

Sleep is vital for all aspects of brain functioning. This includes concentration, productivity and performance. Sleep has a positive effect on the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for cognitive thinking, decision-making and social behaviours. By getting enough sleep, you are naturally more alert and focused, so you get more done throughout the day, and you are better prepared for innovative thinking and less likely to have sudden mood swings.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Sleep quality and how long you sleep have a direct impact on your health. Individuals who slept seven to eight hours a night are at a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. One study from Harvard University suggests sleep deprivation can cause obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and can lower your immune system function to put you at a greater risk for the flu and colds.

Expanded Memory Function

There is growing support to suggest that sleep helps improve your memory. Whether you are trying to learn a new skill at work or memorizing your to-do list for the next day, sleep strengthens your memory so that performance is restored the following day.

Make Fewer Mistakes

Our bodies produce a chemical known as adenosine that helps make us drowsy so we can sleep. This chemical is flushed from the brain as we sleep, so we wake up feeling alert. When we fail to get enough sleep, the adenosine is still in our bodies, which can cause grogginess that impacts our performance at work. Proper amounts of sleep can reduce the number of errors made, which is especially important when working on an important project or when numbers are involved.

Getting the right amount of sleep each night affects your overall well-being, including your job performance. Be sure to focus on good sleep habits to help you get the most out of each workday.

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