3 Ways to Find Better Work-Life Balance

Approximately 58 percent of Canadians say they have a hard time juggling their work, home and personal lives and finding that perfect work-life balance. This causes high levels of stress and, often, feelings of guilt that you are neglecting certain areas of your life. To avoid this, you can do a few things to stay productive and healthy and to feel like you are getting more done throughout the day. Consider the following tips.

Learn Time Management

Prioritize tasks both at home and at work by following a few simple steps for effective time management.

  • Identify your goals and engage in them.
  • Prioritize your daily to-dos from the most urgent to the not important.
  • Avoid taking on more than you can accomplish at one time.
  • Use a calendar to plan ahead.
  • Delegate items that others can handle.
  • Eliminate distractions.

Set Time for You

Whether you schedule a lunch date with yourself to take a walk around the block or look forward to a weekly yoga class at the local gym, set aside at least one block of time each day or week to focus on yourself, your health and your inner peace. Use this time to unplug and separate yourself from your phone, computer and other forms of technology. Scheduling some me time helps you sleep better, fight depression and improve your relationships with others.

Create Clear Work and Home Boundaries

Those who set clear boundaries between their work and home life are called segmenters. Studies show that these individuals have lower levels of stress and tend to enjoy their jobs more. To do this, avoid bringing work home and checking your office email at home. Make it a point to answer work-related questions only during normal business hours. By mentally flipping the off-switch when you leave work, you are less likely to suffer from work exhaustion and more likely to enjoy your time spent at home relaxing.

Achieving a work-life balance ensures you make yourself a top priority in your life. As a result, you can learn to appreciate your job more and feel like you are accomplishing more in both your private life and your professional career.

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