Get the Most Out of Black Friday

Even though Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, the day after the U.S. holiday in November kicks off the Christmas shopping season in countries around the world. In the United States, it’s the biggest shopping day of the of the year, but Canadians businesses get into the discounting spirit too.

In 2017, Canada witnessed a huge jump in online shopping over the Black Friday weekend, up 18 percent to about $432 million. Here are four ways to maximize Black Friday marketing for your small business.

1. Provide Extra Support and Service

Small businesses can provide personal attention along with great deals. Bring in extra support to help shoppers find items and institute an easy refund policy. If you don’t have an item, tell customers where to get it. Your cheerful, helpful attitude will often be rewarded.

2. Promote Deals to Special Customers

Send exclusive discounts to your mail or email lists. On Black Friday, consider opening the store an hour early for VIP customers. You can also offer free setup for TVs, computer and other items purchased in-store. Bundling products helps you raise total sales and move slow-selling items.

3. Place More Social Media and Traditional Ads

During cyber weekend, which runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, place social media ads that reach your target demographic. Grab attention with ads on Facebook and Google. Be sure to use hashtags on Twitter for promotional purposes. #Blackfriday is the most popular. This is also a great time to invest in traditional media, such as radio, TV and billboard advertising. Because more people are likely to be driving around looking for deals, a well-placed radio ad can significantly influence your sales.

4. Offer Shoppers a Break

Battling for the best deals on Black Friday can be exhausting. Amp up the good holiday vibes with hot cocoa, free cookies and a place where weary shoppers can sit down and rest. This is likely to keep them in the store longer, so your potential sales per shopper increases. To maximize your sales, offer gift cards guests can use later or give away.




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