Boost Morale in Your Office with Charitable Giving

Nothing says teamwork like organizing your employees around a common cause. While giving money is one way for your company to contribute to the community, one of the most rewarding avenues for your time and talent is working together to make a cultural impact. According to the Canada Survey of Business Contributions to Community, large companies give over $3 billion annually to charities. Whether this is something your company already does or is considering doing, use it to rally your team around a common cause and help boost morale.

Let Employees Choose

One top trend with corporate giving is to let employees choose where the gift-giving dollars or time goes. This helps form a personal connection between teams and the company. Hold a meeting and get suggestions on a variety of organizations that need help.

Let employees do their homework and vote on the best idea, or choose more than one. You could even recommend Giving Tuesday, an event that takes place after Black Friday and helps companies and individuals focus on their end-of-year giving. Once you’ve decided on a cause, contact the organization to see how your company can help.

Encourage Volunteering

Studies show that corporate charity creates happier and more engaged employees. One way to get employees involved in a generous company culture is to provide incentives. If your company can afford it, offer to match any funds raised for a charity. Reward top volunteers with a day off or a gift card to their favourite shop. Hold contests to see who can raise the most money and double the donation. Be sure to mention everyone involved in the cause through a company memo, newsletter or during the next meeting.

Use Company Talent

Think of ways an individual employee’s talent can help with company giving. Accounting can help keep track of how much money is raised, a writer can organize a charity newsletter and sales can present the case to potential donors. The goal is to help employees find their cause and feel valuable based on their skills. Employees who participate in multiple charity opportunities for their company have a greater sense of belonging than those who do not.

Donating to a good cause can help further involve your employees with the company culture. Not only will you boost morale, but you’ll give back to the community that keeps your business alive.


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