4 Ways Companies Can Best Support New Hires

Employee retention is good for business because it helps create a positive work environment, strengthens employee’s commitment to the organization and can increase productivity. On average, it costs a company 20 percent of a midrange employee’s salary to hire and train a replacement. This amounts to around $8,000 for a manager making $40,000 per year. For this reason, it’s important to take the necessary steps to welcome new employees from the first day on the job. Consider these four tips to make new hires feel valued.

1. Develop a Welcome Strategy

Create a routine welcome strategy for all new hires. Accomplish this by crafting a collage of key employees’ photographs and information. This information can include job title, hobbies, family information or whatever the individual wants to share. Draw up a written plan of action and remind staff of the importance of following along. This strategy may include greeting new individuals, providing a tour of the facilities or even having a welcome lunch or an after-work reception.

2. Assign a Mentor

Set your new hires up for success by assigning a year-long mentor within the organization. Choose someone who can provide on-going support to answer questions and instill confidence. Some of the key benefits of workplace mentoring include:

  • Better trained employees
  • Reducing turnover rates
  • Development of leadership and management skills
  • Reduced time spent in formal training
  • Management can focus on tasks imperative to the success of the company

3. Immerse New Hires in the Company Culture

Let new hires feel important within the company immediately. Assign goals and projects from the start, show them how their work benefits the company as a whole, and make a point of involving them in all of the social and fun activities around the workplace.

4. Acknowledge What They Bring to the Company

Welcome new employees in the company newsletter, through emails, or call them out during team meetings. Introduce them to all existing employees and acknowledge the benefits their strengths will bring to the company. Management may also want to send a handwritten note welcoming the new employee to the company or introducing themselves in person.

With so much emphasis on recruiting, hiring and training new employees, it’s important to focus on their happiness once they’re on the job. Taking extra steps to make a new hire feel welcome can benefit the company as a whole.





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