Employee Engagement for Your Mid-Sized Business

While many CEOs and business owners of mid-sized companies often feel that they’re at a disadvantage when it comes to engaging their employees, the opposite is often true. Although large companies usually have the cash flow that supports lavish amenities in the office and superior benefit plans, mid-sized companies have a considerable advantage when it comes to building and maintaining meaningful employer/employee relationships, which almost always result in a higher level of employee engagement.

Gaining Trust from Your Employees

A large part of building relationships with employees stems from an employer’s ability to gain their trust and keep it. As the ILO explains, in addition to having a friendly rapport with employees, it’s essential to maintain a professional employer/employee relationship. A boss who is overly familiar with their employees may be viewed as a friend, but when it comes to handling business, most employees will have a difficult time taking that boss seriously. Positive employer/employee relationships rely on an employer who’s able to exert authority when necessary while having a positive relationship with their employees.

Forbes notes the open door policy as another tactic used by many CEOs and owners of mid-sized companies to encourage their employees to engage with management. This promotes open communication between the employer and their employees and helps employees become more engaged with business decisions and allows the business to operate with a certain level of transparency.

Benefits and Perks That Stand Out

It’s no secret that companies who treat their employees well see less turnover and better employee engagement. Many mid-sized employers have a hard time putting this into practice, however, as they don’t usually have the large budgets that big companies do. What many employers don’t realize though is extra perks don’t have to be as expensive as a fancy on-site fitness center or enormous health spending accounts for every employee. While it’s a good idea to offer some level of health benefits to employees, something as inexpensive as a subsidized gym membership at a local fitness chain or fresh fruit in the break room every day can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated.

Build a Strong Company Culture

A strong company culture that includes celebrating achievements, holiday events and new team members is a great way to promote employee engagement. Creating a committee with loyal and trusted employees can ensure that everyone on the team is involved in decision making when it comes to special events and encourages everyone to be a team player.





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