How to Get Employees Ready for the Fall Season

It’s not uncommon for employees to feel stressed when heading into a new season. Coming down off the high of a sunny vacation and back to an inbox filled with questions and responsibilities may overwhelm some people and reduce or even negate the benefits of the time off. As an employer, you can do a few things to help staff members get ready for the new season.

Encourage Time Management

Reduce stress this season by using time management strategies. Draw up a list and include everything employees should take care of before they leave. Once they return, itemize responsibilities by order of importance. Providing a checklist often makes a workload seem lighter and may encourage an employee to be more productive.

Offer Training and Development

Workers who feel like they’re in a slump may need a little encouragement to stay positive and productive. Consider a professional development day to provide employees with training and learning opportunities. This helps refocus their attention in a structured and positive way.

Ease Financial Burdens

Now that a new season begins, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to review the company options for savings, including retirement plans. Host a financial wellness workshop or offer a budget-planning seminar, particularly useful exercises given that the winter holidays are just around the corner. Be sure to stay on top of employee evaluations and provide raises and bonuses where they’re merited.


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