Agility Seating in Your Workplace

Organizing offices so that multiple workers can share workstations is known as agility seating. The idea is to have different areas set up for socializing, learning, focusing and collaborating. It works especially well when employees are assigned portable laptops.

Also known as activity-based working (ABW) or hot desking, this technique foregoes the notion of preassigned seating, and there are several potential benefits.

Only 29 percent of Canadian workplaces offer agility seating, but 70 percent of those that have it say that it deepens their connection with their employer, according to a recent STAPLES workplace survey.


Hot desking forces employees to keep orderly workspaces. Shared spaces aren’t conducive to adding photos and personal touches to desks, but the result is a cleaner, more professional environment.

Getting to Know Your Peers

A vital component of agility seating is the freedom to get to know peers in your department and other groups. When you aren’t tied to one desk, you can move around and meet people. This enhances collaboration, regardless of where a meeting takes place.

Owning Your Environment

Some people like a lively atmosphere and thrive in it. Others need a calm environment with no distractions and a quiet background. Agility seating lets associates find niches that work for them and lets them be more comfortable and productive.

Saving Costs

Agility seating minimizes wasted space, since some employees don’t have to be in the office every day and others don’t need a desk for the entire day. This helps the company save on equipment and lets them downsize operations without sacrificing a productive workforce.

Promoting a Standardized IT Environment

It helps any office’s efficiency to have computers, laptops, docking stations and monitors set up to interact with and complement each other. Agility seating makes this a necessity rather than a luxury that can be put off; adopting it might just become your workplace’s key to clearing this productivity hurdle.

Providing Flexibility

One of agility seating’s most important benefits is that it provides lots of flexibility for teams to form and restructure on the fly. This makes it especially suitable for a workplace where people are constantly on the move.

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