Four Great Tips for Effective Time Management

Business success and productivity rates depend on time management, regardless of the type of industry. Effective leaders know it’s best to work smarter and not harder to tackle to-do lists and complete goals on time. There are several fundamental time management tips that can bolster efficiency in your workplace.

Create a To-Do List

Start each day or week with a list of what you want to get done. Consider using a goal-setting method, management and team leaders create specific goals that are both meaningful and readily attainable. Your to-do list should be relevant to immediate objectives and have a corresponding timeline.

Streamline Operations

Automation reduces time spent on tedious tasks that take up a good part of managers’ and team leaders’ attention. Figure out which items on your to-do list can go on autopilot. For example, use inventory management software to track sales data and order merchandise. Initiate online scheduling with Google calendars or vCita, which lets clients book appointments with you 24/7 and reduces administrative time.

Simplify Communications

Consider email marketing software such as Constant Contact or AWeber for customer service management (CRM). These programs provide customizable email templates to reduce time spent composing business correspondence from scratch. The software stores customer lists, so you can choose the recipients and send emails, reminders, sales letters and announcements quickly and easily.

Delegate Authority

Learn how to delegate tasks to others to free your time for more important items on the agenda. Relinquishing control also sends the message you trust employees and team leaders, which can increase morale and productivity. Delegating powers gives people a feeling of importance and decreases delays in the decision-making process and it gives employees the opportunity to let their skills and abilities shine.

Time management tips improve productivity, make it easier to get things done and provide added breathing-room for the most important tasks at hand. As Forbes notes, good time management also creates a less stressful environment that facilitates success for both companies and employees.



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