Awesome Workplace Design Tips for Happy, Healthy Productivity

Organizations are like living things that need to adapt and grow. Nonetheless, companies sometimes struggle to find a workplace design that’s vibrant and stimulating without being overwhelming.

In a recent STAPLES workplace survey, about half of the participants rated their company a C or lower in several categories, including:

  • Adequacy of personal and private spaces
  • Emphasis on employee health and wellness
  • Energizing and engaging workplace
  • Updated furniture, equipment and space

Luckily, there are some recent trends that can help designers overcome these challenges and create awesome workplaces.

Keep It Natural

Incorporate reclaimed wood panels, exposed concrete and floral patterns in artwork and fabric and use plants to decorate lobbies and work areas. Keeping it natural puts employees at ease and boosts productivity.

Optimize Lighting

Light affects our circadian rhythms and hormonal activity, so getting this right can boost energy, mood and productivity. Improve lighting in your office by:

  • Ensuring workstations have plenty of light without glare
  • Providing working areas with plenty of natural light
  • Installing circadian lighting systems
  • Using smart bulbs and LED lighting to produce more natural-looking lighting

Use Multipurpose Workspaces

Cubicles are disappearing. Their replacement is often a bench setup of multiple workstations. Non-assigned seating is gaining a foothold due to its emphasis on community, collaboration and socialization.

While multipurpose spaces are great for multimedia presentations and breakout areas, individual workstations can become noisy. If you’re considering this kind of layout, provide noise cancelling headsets for those who want to concentrate.

Mix Textures and Colours

Using different textures and colours in the workplace design adds variety and visual interest. It can increase creativity, wellness and productivity. Build functional areas with varying colour schemes and artwork and provide furniture that’s comfortable as well as visually appealing.

Retire Permanent Layouts

Flexibility is a growing trend taking over traditional office spaces. Modular components provide freedom to stack, mix and move furniture and storage units to suit changing purposes. This leads to a more dynamic and collaborative office.

Overall, a variety of working spaces and layouts ensure that individual employees can collaborate, focus and be more productive. Low-cost solutions can provide an impressive return on investment.

Photo courtesy by:

  • Stylex_SavaMesh_Setting01-MR-2700×1800.jpg
  • Stylex
  • Chairs: Sava Mesh

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