The Top 8 Items on Your Employees’ Workplace Wish Lists

Happy employees produce better results so, as a business owner, it’s in your best interest to provide what they need. While conducting the STAPLES Workplace Employee Survey, released in March of 2018, researchers uncovered the items that employees want most to make their workplace a positive environment. There are many ways to improve productivity and work satisfaction for your team.

8. Outdoor Space

Sunlight and fresh air can have a dramatic effect on overall well-being. Providing an outdoor area for employees to soak in nature’s healing while they eat lunch or take their breaks improves mood and promotes harmony.

7. Updated Bathrooms

The quality of your restrooms can be a good indicator of the quality of your business. A clean bathroom in good repair gives your employees a comfortable place to retreat when nature calls.

6. A Private Place to Rest

Everyone needs a moment to recharge during the day, and your employees are no exception. Whether you offer a private break room or a fully outfitted wellness room, your workers need a calming place to catch their breath.

5. Food and Drink Options

Work takes energy, and recharging that energy takes fuel. Aside from scheduled lunches, employees sometimes need a snack or a drink to perk up their efforts. Having options available on-site ensures everyone has what they need to stay alert.

4. A Fitness Centre

Exercise promotes good health and keeps the mind alert. Providing an in-house fitness centre gives employees the chance to get their blood flowing on their breaks. Healthier employees mean fewer sick days, too.

3. Private or Personal Space

Individual space free your employees from the distractions of working too close together. Having a private area can also help creativity flow.

2. Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomics promote comfort, pain relief and improved bone and joint health. Less pain leads to greater focus.

1. New Technology or Equipment

You can’t get the best out of your employees if their tools are out of date. That’s why this took the top spot as the most requested item. Update their equipment and technology to improve employee efficiency and productivity.

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