Tips on how to Build an Amazing Wellness Room

A stressful work space can have a negative impact on the overall health and well-being of employees, affecting their performance and inhibiting their ability to learn and grow. With the amount of time people spend in the workplace, it’s important for employers to consider employee wellness as a priority. Creating an effective wellness room is a great way to improve job satisfaction and get better results from your team.

According to the STAPLES Workplace Employee Survey, less than one out of every five employees has access to a wellness room. If your company lacks a space like this, or if you have one but want to maximize its positive effect, there are a few elements you should consider.


Above all else, a wellness room should promote relaxation. Include comfortable seating and possibly even offering an area for napping. Well-rested employees are productive and engaged, so give them a place to recharge when their energy is low.


Offering something to take their minds off work can help your employees reset during a particularly stressful day. Televisions, video game consoles and computers can give your team something else to focus on while they take their breaks, leaving them refreshed when they return to their stations.


Providing power outlets lets your workers keep their mobile devices charged and gives them a comfortable place to plug in their laptops. Installing a phone in the wellness room gives employees a way to make personal calls when needed. A refrigerator provides a place for cold drinks and snacks while toiletries create an opportunity for freshening up before returning to work.


A good wellness room includes lockable storage for employees to secure personal items. Make sure any windows have blinds or curtains, and the door should have a lock to enhance privacy.


A clean room is a comfortable room, so wellness rooms should include bins for garbage and recycling. A sink and any necessary cleaning supplies should be accessible.

Wellness rooms create space for your employees to ease workplace stress. This helps to improve their professional performance and has a positive impact on their overall health. A properly developed wellness room leads to happier employees, better productivity, and fewer sick days.

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