Fantastic Remedies for Distraction That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

According to a recent STAPLES Workplace Employee Survey, many workplaces are so noisy that employees leave the building to take work calls or wear noise-canceling headphones so they can concentrate. If you work in an open office or are bombarded by emails, teleconferences and instant messages all day, you’re probably distracted a lot. There are several ways to increase productivity while putting distraction on the back burner.

Get Off the Grid

You can’t do anything if you’re constantly putting out fires or stuck in meetings. Every time you check your mail or pick up the phone, you lose productivity. The solution is simple: Turn off your phone, close your email browser and get your work done. You’ll find things go a lot faster once you’re free to concentrate without these distractions.

Quiet Your Workspace

If working remotely isn’t an option, you have to find a quieter place at work. Look for conference rooms and quiet break rooms you can book or take over during crunch times. If you have an office but an open-door policy is killing your productivity, it’s time to shut the door. If you feel bad, you can always post a paper clock marked with a good time for visitors to come back.

Hold Standing Meetings

Instead of weekly staff meetings, try a few shorter standing sessions to give everyone a chance to voice their top concerns and concisely ask for help. Standing keeps people from getting too comfortable, so everyone is encouraged to resolve issues efficiently.

Multitasking is a Myth

When you multitask, everything takes twice as long. Every time you switch tasks, you disrupt your train of thought and have to start over. Instead, focus on completing one task at a time.

Give Yourself Lots of Breaks

A tired brain is an unproductive one. It’s hard to finish writing a paper or report if you’re doing head bobs. Take at least 10 minutes to recharge with a walk or a healthy snack.

By removing distractions and getting work done quickly, you become far more productive than ever, so don’t be afraid to set some boundaries.

For more workplace trends visit to download our full Staples Employee Workplace Survey report.

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