Summer Reads Can Sharpen Your Mind

Some industries find summer to be the busiest time of year, while others experience a summer slowdown. If you’re working for a business that tends to hit a lull during June, July and August, consider creating a summer reading list. This seemingly simple activity can do wonders to keep your mind active and assist in recharging your professional batteries. Here are three surprising ways that summer reading sharpens your mind.

1. Reading Keeps Your Brain in Shape

Reading keeps you healthy. It’s like a workout for your brain, helping to keep your mind sharp and giving you a fresh new perspective to take back to the office when things start ramping up again.

What should you read? Anything and everything. Perhaps you’d enjoy a simple escapist beach read or you’re a small business owner interested in a self-help title to get you to your professional goals. Whatever it is, reading is a brain-stimulating activity that may even preserve your memory as you age.

2. Reading Impacts Communication Skills

Many literacy studies show that reading helps people process information verbally and visually. It improves every aspect of communication, and this is important for business leaders and employees who work closely with others each day, interacting with them in a variety of ways. Improving communication skills can boost your work performance and help you stay productive during crunch times.

3. Reading Can Improve Connectivity Between Brain Circuits

It sounds like a lot of scientific jargon, but reading can help you think about other work-related situations in new, creative ways. The book you pick up on your weekend getaway can help you perform better at work and be more successful at problem-solving.

So while you’re planning an upcoming summer trip, don’t forget to pack something to read. It may have more impact on your work performance than you realize.

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