Smart Vacation Habits For Employees

If you’re like most business professionals, you wait all year for some much-deserved time off from your usual work routine. According to the 2018 STAPLES Workplace Employee Survey, 75 percent of employees find it easy to disconnect while on vacation. And those who are stuck at the office during the traditional summer slowdown find they can focus on work tasks while the office is quieter.

To maximize your opportunity to recharge your professional batteries, you’ll find there are a variety of smart vacation habits you can adopt.

Keep Up Your Fitness Routine

Some people tend to let exercise habits go by the wayside when they’re on vacation, but instead, you should continue engaging in your daily walk or run. Exercise builds stamina and increases your energy levels for the rest of the day. Even if you’re lounging at the beach, you can stay awake for a chapter or two of your favourite summer read.

Acknowledge the Experience

“Live in the moment” really applies here — take in all the sights, sounds and smells of your vacation, and try to commit them to memory. Occasionally, while you’re enjoying a quiet moment, clear your mind of everything and focus on appreciating how you feel. You’ll find that pleasant memory easier to recall when you return to the office refreshed.

Completely Disconnect

The STAPLES Workplace Employee Survey found that employees have no problems with disconnecting from the office during a much-needed vacation. Consider these stats from the survey results:

  • 43 percent set up an out-of-office email message
  • 39 percent don’t respond to emails or phone calls if they’re contacted
  • 25 percent don’t bring their computers with them when they travel for leisure
  • 17 percent schedule important deadlines around their vacation schedule

When you disconnect from the office, you ensure your vacation is restful, relaxing and truly allows you to recharge so you can return with a fresh perspective.

Eat Well

For many people, vacation is a time of indulgence, and that includes food. Allow yourself the frozen treats, buffets and drinks, but be sure to mix in some fresh fruits and vegetables so you don’t steer yourself too far off the rails. Opting for incomplete meals or fast food might provide small bursts of energy, but they’ll leave you feeling groggy and grouchy later. Pack healthy power snacks, and be sure to stay hydrated, especially in warmer climates.

Use these four smart vacation habits, and you’ll return to the office with a fresh perspective, feeling energized and ready to take on new work-related challenges.

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