Employee Appreciation

Whether you are running a brand new startup or managing an old-line company, you rely on your employees to get the work done and keep the firm profitable. No matter what the nature of the company, your employees are your biggest asset, and keeping them happy is an essential part of the well being of the organization.

Shared Experiences

The value of corporate team-building exercises has long been understood, but what if you do not have a week to spare and thousands of dollars to spend? If you want to reward your best performers and say thank you for a job well done, you do not have to head to the woods; just go to the local movie theater.

Shared experiences are a great way to reward your team for that on-time project or say thanks to the sales staff for meeting their quarterly quotas. Whether it is tickets to the hottest movie in town, a day of wine tasting at the local winery or the challenge of an escape room or murder mystery cruise, there are plenty of ways to thank your employees without breaking the bank.


From the Oscar nominees on the red carpet to the workers in the cubicles, everyone loves a little swag. Whether it is a stylish polo shirt emblazoned with the corporate logo, a reusable grocery bag or a fancy desk plaque, these fun and useful items make lovely gifts.

If your team just hit their goals, why not reward them with their choice of corporate swag? Order a bunch of corporate-logoed items, send an order sheet around and let everyone pick their favorites.


Food is always a great motivator, rewarding your staff with a special lunch or pizza party is a wonderful way to say thank you for a job well done. When you say it with food, you do not have to spend a fortune to make your employees feel special.

Time Off

Giving your best workers a paid day off (or two) is a great way to thank them and motivate their coworkers to work even harder.

You can tie this bonus time off to the completion of an important project, or you can surprise your team with some extra time when things are going well. No matter which option you choose, your staff is sure to be grateful for the largesse.

Keeping employees motivated is no easy task, especially when money is tight. Even so, your employees are your biggest asset, and you have a vested interest in keeping them happy and productive.

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