Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing your small business can seem overwhelming when you have a million things to do. When time and resources are limited, you might feel like you have few options. But marketing is a critical part of your business’ success. Thanks to technology, the playing field is becoming more level. Big companies with large budgets aren’t the only ones that can market themselves successfully. By combining low-tech and high-solutions, your small business can successfully advertise, too. Follow these tips to promote your small business more efficiently.

  • Use personalized marketing. Are you customers single mothers and sports fans? Are they middle-aged women and college students? It is essential to know your clients. You can segment customers by demographic breakdown, location, and customer behaviors and attitudes. If you don’t have enough data to make clear decisions, consider sending out short surveys to get more information from your customers. Alternatively, you can contact organizations that keep relevant demographic statistics.
  • Incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) tools into your marketing activities. Due to the complexity of AI, many small businesses shy away from it. However, AI tools can benefit companies large and small. New technologies allow you to collect vast amounts of data, including gender, age, location, and even how customers interact with your website. AI tools, such as Einstein and Crayon, allow you to make sense of these data. You will see patterns more clearly and be able to develop a marketing strategy to target specific segments of your customer base.
  • Share your knowledge with the community. Many community organizations and Meetup groups welcome speakers. Share your expertise that will bring value to the audience. Position yourself as an authority within your community. If people attach a name and a face to your marketing message, they are more likely to respond positively.
  • Offer free trials or samples. People often feel a need to reciprocate after they have received something. Allowing potential customers to test drive your product makes them more receptive to your marketing message and sales pitch. Free trials also show customers that you are confident in your product. Uncertainty and resistance to change are always a barrier to sales, but very few people will turn down something that is free. Once potential customers get a personal introduction to your product, psychological barriers soften, and sales are easier to make.
  • Use video to market your business. If you have no experience, video marketing might seem intimidating. But some experts predict that video viewing will be responsible for 80% percent of web traffic by 2020. Cheap, high-quality camcorders and free video hosting platforms make video marketing accessible to small businesses like never before. Video marketing allows you to connect in a personal, emotional way that is more difficult to do in writing. Begin to get comfortable with video as a marketing tool. Show off what makes your business great.


Marketing a small business with limited time and money is a real challenge. Despite the difficulty, though, small businesses can launch successful marketing campaigns. Remember to combine new technology with old-fashioned hard work. Follow these six tips and watch your business grow.

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