The Latest Feel-Good Trend: Writing a Journal

Writing in a journal is one of the latest feel-good trends in the well-being field, have you wondered what it’s all about. After all, plenty of people have kept diaries, so surely, journaling isn’t anything new. However, journal writing can be beneficial when you are mindful about what you write. Take a look at how making daily journal entries can help you.

Stress management

People often don’t realize the little things that stress them out in the day build tension. Eventually, an accumulation of pressure makes them ill or unhappy. Write your thoughts in a journal, and you’ll release pent up emotions, which may have gone unrecognized otherwise.

Clarify experiences

Your mind deals with a constant influx of information. At times your brain feels crowded, and it’s hard to think straight. Get your thoughts out of your head and put them on paper, though, and you’ll gain clarity. Instead of snippets of data and a conglomeration of worries buzzing in your brain, you’ll be able to see what’s troubling you and deal with it better.

Record events

Studies show memories change. People add or remove snippets of data based on their perception at the time they recall events. They tend to go over painful happenings and emphasize bad experiences while ignoring positive ones when they are already feeling down. If you’ve recorded things that happen in your journal, you can read about them and see whether you’re blowing difficulties out of proportion.

Heal old wounds

You can go over the past to help you heal. Checking experiences in your journal long after they occurred can give you the opportunity to realize what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed. When you find positive meanings in events, however difficult they were, you can move on in life.

Stretch your intelligence muscle

Writing requires intelligence and is associated with IQ. The more you write, the more your brain looks for creative expressions and new descriptive words to use. Simple texting and creating the occasional email won’t stretch your intellect but keeping a journal will.

Connect with your intuition

Sometimes, you’re busy and don’t connect with your emotions and insights. Thoughts come and go without making an impact. Write them down, and you’ll notice they aren’t meaningless data after all, and they often provide understanding and greater awareness of your environment and events than you imagined you could perceive.

Plan steps toward goals

Many people don’t get around to reaching for their dreams. They are half-heartedly aware they have them but turn a blind eye. Once you start journaling, you’ll automatically feel drawn to identifying what you want in life and desire to move toward your goals.

Relive positivity

Writing about positive happenings in a journal will help you re-experience events. As you recall what transpired, your brain will seek to describe occurrences using your senses. You’ll remember scents, sounds, your emotions, and so forth until a clear picture arises in your head. The result will be the production of happy hormones that boost joy.

Better health

Research reveals maintaining a journal on a regular basis improves the immune system, helping you fend off disease and stay well. Writing can relieve depression, and decrease the symptoms of illnesses such as arthritis and asthma and improve cognitive functioning.

Increase gratitude

Choose to keep a record of at least three things for which you are grateful about each day, and your positivity will grow. Your mind will get into the habit of seeking events to be thankful for, and incidences of them occurring will seem to increase because you’ll recognize them with ease.

Take up journaling and your life will improve in many ways. 10 minutes a day will help you to record events, acknowledge your feelings, and heighten your creativity and intelligence. Additionally, you’ll learn from the past and enhance your intuition. You’ll discover there’s much to gain and nothing to lose from putting your thoughts into a journal and wonder why you didn’t do so before.

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