A Great Way to Start the Workday

Do you start the day on a high or low? Your answer is vital if you want to have a terrific workday. If you wake up feeling pessimistic, the rest of the day will be spent under a dark cloud. The following tips will help you begin as you mean to go on, with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Create a positivity cue

A positivity cue can be anything from a vase of gorgeous flowers placed where you’ll see it first thing in the morning, to a post-it note with the words “brighten-up” stuck to your alarm clock. The idea is to infuse the cue with the intention to take positivity into the day with you, so when you see it, you are reminded to stay upbeat.

Set your chosen cue with an intention the night before by giving it meaning with a positive thought. Hence, you might hold a crystal, and while looking at it think “I will remember to stay positive when I see this crystal in the morning.”

Make sure you put your cue in a prominent place where it can be viewed the minute you wake up. When you see it, give yourself a moment to reflect on your intention until it’s clear in your mind.

Welcome the day and prime your mind

Whether the sun’s beaming or the rain’s pouring, open the window and greet the day. Tell yourself the day’s full of possibilities, something wonderful could happen at any time, and you are open to receiving the good that comes your way. Your happiness and success will increase when you prime your mind to notice opportunities to thrive.

Start the day on a high note

Don’t wait until you kick off your shoes at the end of the day to start having fun. You may be busy and have to get ready for work, but do so joyfully. Sing in the shower, play upbeat music as you get dressed, and eat a tasty breakfast from your best china.

Wear your favourite scarf or tie, and spritz on perfume or cologne before the workday. Spend a few minutes playing with your kids or pets; remember, life’s for living and the best time to enjoy it is right now. Your mood will rise, and you’ll appreciate being alive if you choose to make mornings enjoyable.

How you start the day is within your control. You have the power to set your mind to produce optimistic thoughts and a joyful mood. Take charge of your mornings and make confident mood-building a habit. As a result, you’ll enjoy waking up and anticipate positive experiences.

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