Starting the New Year Right

By the end of December, many people are tired and crave tranquility and quiet. If Christmas has left you feeling weary and overwhelmed, this last holiday of the year is the perfect time to engage in activities that nourish the soul. Here are some ways to gear up for the New Year ahead.

Send your Coworkers a New Year’s cards

Are you feeling guilty because you got too busy and neglected to send out Christmas cards? Don’t. Here is the perfect opportunity to start a new tradition of reaching out to your friends and coworkers. Give yourself the whole month of January to complete this task. The card recipients will be delighted to receive a note from you, even after Christmas day is gone.

Listen to an inspirational speaker

There are many men and women that encourage us and uplift our spirits with their words. Find someone you enjoy and put aside a few quiet moments to listen to their message. An Internet search about gearing up for the new year workload or improving leadership skills is a great place to start.

Tidy your desk

Cleaning is cathartic and helps release stagnant energy. Nothing feels better than to have an orderly work space. Pick one of these spots, set a timer for twenty minutes and get busy. Have two trash bags handy and be ruthless. If an item hasn’t been used in ages, it either gets donated or thrown away. Don’t get sidetracked. If you run into a project that will take awhile to complete, put it away for another day. This time period is for cleansing only. More than likely, once you get into a good rhythm, you’ll keep going well past your twenty minutes. If not, pick up where you left off tomorrow. You’ll at least have a good start.

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