Holiday Gifts for Your Co-workers

The holidays are approaching rapidly, and choosing the right gift for your co-workers can often be challenging. Almost everyone loves technology, and that makes gift shopping easier. There are great new accessories to match almost every name on your shopping list. Take a look at the following useful and appealing gift ideas.

USB Wall Charger

Devices drain power fast but with USB wall chargers your coworkers will never complain again. They are available in a variety of colours and styles. They are universally compatible with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speaker/headphones, MP3 players, and other USB powered devices. This is a great gift for anyone, and the pricing makes it perfect for gift exchanges.

Smartphone Printer

Who wouldn’t like to find a smartphone printer under the tree? People take great photos with their smartphones, and it’s great to be able to print their favorites and frame them instantly. Many printers work with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Using great photo templates from Facebook, Real Time, Instagram and more, your co-workers will love to print photos and share them with others.

Selfie Sticks

In 2017 the Selfie Stick is a necessity, capturing a team photo or event beautifully makes it all the better. Many are now waterproof and work with smartphones, DSLR cameras, GoPros, and small camcorders. The price is low, but the quality is high. You’ll want to get one for every member of the team!


App based monitoring of your garage door from any location is all the rage, there is no need to replace your current door opener anymore. New apps sync with most smartphone and you can open your door by swiping. You’ll be notified if your garage door is left open by one of the kids, and you’ll be able to close it from wherever you are. Gifts like these offer your coworkers peace of mind.

Make the people on your holiday shopping list happy this year with one of these exciting gifts ideas.

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