Bring More Creativity into Your 9 to 5

A 9 to 5 schedule is a busy one indeed. It is said that human brains can function at their best for 6 hours max on a working day, but what if you have to work 8 hours a day? How do you boost your creativity and use it more in your job? Below are three important tips that will help you bring more creativity into your 9 to 5.

Choose to work on projects that require creativity

Find a project that might raise your interest. Seek a position that will allow you to develop your creativity and that will make you want to get involved 150%.

You can talk to your manager and tell them that you are interested in trying something new. With a little bit of support from your boss, you will get there. Also, ask your colleagues what they are doing. Try to get involved in other processes, you might be surprised to find out that you actually enjoy it.

Keep some spare time for yourself

During your spare time, do what you like. Maybe you like cooking, or you just want to lie down and read a book. Maybe you like to paint. Whatever it is, feeding your creativity with what you enjoy doing makes you more efficient during workdays. Go out for a run; play your favorite song or combine some clothes that you do not wear anymore into a new outfit.

Exercise your creativity every day

Give your mind and soul a little spark of creativity every day. Make creativity a routine and you will be able to develop it during working hours as well.

Try doing different things every day. When you are preparing for a meeting, make it look different. Use a different font in PowerPoint, or use unique examples from real life or from books or movies. Anything works.

Your creative brain will appreciate the efforts you make to put more of your interests into the day. It may be just what’s needed to revitalize your career.

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