Stay Positive Through the Winter with These 5 Tips

Do the winter months get you down? The cold, murky days and early evenings may seem dreary and depressing, but look again, and you’ll find winter is a bright and bustling season, with plenty to warm your heart and lift your spirits. Here are five great features about winter, and tips to help you enjoy them. These are sure to keep you feeling upbeat right through to spring.

  1. Celebrate the seasonal festivities

With Hanukkah, Christmas and other seasonal holidays and events, winter is always full of festivities and meet-ups with colleagues, customers, family and friends. It’s a time for parties, gifts, and cards to your acquaintances. It’s a great time of year to reach out not only to family and friends, but to business partners, customers and vendors to say thank you and pass along best wishes. Participating in the social aspects of the holiday season will help brighten your mood.

  1. Enjoy the winter culture

After the slow, sleepy summer, life gets going again in the fall, and by winter, it’s buzzing with activity. From ice skating, tobogganing, and even simple winter walks, there is plenty to do outside that can help you enjoy the winter months. Try planning an outdoor event for your work team or family and friends to get you outside and enjoying a winter activity or two.

  1. Make the most of the bright lights and cozy corners 

Decorate your office with glittering tinsel, lanterns, baubles or other bright trimmings. Make the space warm and comfortable. And don’t shut yourself in all winter. Join the bustling throngs of holiday shoppers in the lit-up streets and enjoy the seasonal decorations around the town. Never mind wind, rain or hail. If you’re wrapped up warm and keeping up a brisk pace, you’ll hardly notice the weather through the vibrant atmosphere.

  1. Let winter’s natural beauty inspire you

Some people say winter is drab and dreary, but look at the bare trees and you’ll be buoyed up by their graceful shapes against the sky. Take a lunchtime stroll in the park to enjoy the brisk air and winter magic. You’ll come back feeling invigorated after being out in the crisp, fresh air.

  1. Remember spring is on the way

When winter comes, you know that spring is getting ready. The ground may look muddy and lifeless, but it’s very much alive. Nutrients from the summer’s harvest are melding with the soil, enriching it for next year’s vegetation, and deep down, plant bulbs are establishing themselves, preparing to grow new shoots. Nature’s only resting a while, remember.

If the sky is dark and gloomy and your mood is too, look at the bright lights instead. Focus on the positive side of winter, and you’ll feel positive, too.

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