Why Monday is the Best Day of the Week

If you ask most people which day of the week they prefer, you will most often hear a response of “Friday” or “Saturday.” Many people look forward to the end of the work week, in anticipation of a restful and relaxing weekend where they are more in control of the hours of their day. They look forward to time with family and friends, and the opportunity to catch up on everyday chores. The weekend can be a time to regroup and prepare for the fresh new week ahead.

This is where Monday comes into play as the best day of the week. While many, perhaps most, people might not choose Monday as their preferred day of choice, it’s clear that Monday has a lot of positive attributes.

  1. Fresh starts are empowering. Monday, being the start of a new week, is similar to that first hour in the morning after the alarm goes off. It’s a brand new day. There are new options and a chance to start over with a clean slate.
  2. If you can embrace Monday whole-heartedly, you will have a great advantage over all those Monday-morning sad sacks who can barely muster the strength to crawl out of bed and face the day. Loving Monday can give you a jump start on the week.
  3. If you play your cards right, Monday can bring a renewed energy to your life. If your weekend was a time of renewal, Monday can bring that rebirth of excitement and enthusiasm to your life and your goals.
  4. The occasional Monday holiday is a gift. The idea of an extended weekend is a welcome and anticipated delight. A Monday holiday is a bonus event that is unparalleled by mid-week holidays.
  5. The pace of Monday is unlike that of any other day of the week. If you can hit the ground running, you will be far ahead of the competition. If you can’t be quite that energetic, the pressure to perform is lessened because most of your contemporaries are sluggish on Monday, as well. Expectations are lower on Mondays.

You may or may not approach Monday with enthusiasm. Why not grab life by the horns and get the most out of one-seventh of your life? Monday truly can be viewed as the best day of the week.

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