Bad Habits You Need to Ditch at the Workplace

Nobody’s perfect, but sometimes our bad habits can get us into serious trouble at the workplace. If you want to take a smooth journey up the career path, be sure to ditch the following bad habits and safeguard your job. By focusing on positive behaviors and relinquishing behaviors that are questionable, you can impress management as well as your colleagues while promoting your best qualities.

It’s one thing to be constructively critical about elements of your job, but to continuously infuse your negativity into the office culture is going to place your job in jeopardy. Negativity reduces staff morale and can transform you into a chronic headache for your supervisor. Even if you have cause to feel negatively about your workplace, it’s best to keep your feelings to yourself unless you can make a positive change with your comments or attitude. Moreover, keep in mind that some issues are bigger than others. You might do best to save your constructive complaints for those situations where they really count.

Poor Manners
In the work arena, saying please and thank-you will go a long way to making you into a pleasant colleague that people like having around. A lack of manners could mean you are unworthy of promotion as it signals a level of irresponsibility that would be out of place in the upper echelons of your company. Even managers who exhibit poor manners may find that their inability to “play nice” with others may mean they get overlooked when it comes time for the next promotion.

If you tend to get your work in at the last minute, you could be guilty of procrastination and poor time management. Procrastinating on a routine basis tells your manager that you are not altogether reliable. Moreover, last-minute work is apt to be of lesser quality than work that you spent more time on. To overcome the problem of procrastination, make a point of adjusting your calendar so that it reflects earlier self-imposed deadlines. Your company is sure to take note of you if you continuously turn in high-quality work earlier than your other colleagues.

The Talker
Conversation in the workplace can be pleasant and enjoyable for all, but doing too much talking can be distracting. Moreover, saying the wrong things (i.e. gossiping) can get you into serious trouble. Keep your chatter to a minimum at work to ensure that you are getting all your work accomplished and aren’t preventing others from doing their own. If you find that other work colleagues participate in idle gossip, do your best to extricate yourself from these conversations so you don’t earn a negative reputation for condoning gossip in the workplace.

Showing Up Late
Everyone runs into a traffic jam now and then on the way to work, but habitually showing up late to work or meetings is a habit you need to break. Be sure to get to sleep and go to bed on time so that you can wake up early enough to get to your job with time to spare. You’ll appear more organized and dependable if you regularly get to work early. Moreover, when you are constantly rushed, you’re apt to feel greater stress, which can negatively impact your mood and work performance.

With these tips in mind, you can better safeguard your career as well as your workplace reputation. If you know that you perform some of these bad habits, be sure to ditch them as soon as you can. If you happen to be in a position of management, you may even try to encourage your employees to remember these tips as well.


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