Workplace Design: The Best of NeoCon 2017

The Staples Business Advantage™ furniture design team attended NeoCon 2017 in Chicago in June, North America’s most important design exposition and conference. Our team of experts visited the various showrooms to explore the latest trends in workspace furniture and office interior design.

Throughout the conference, our team gathered up insights and inspiration from top vendors like Allsteel, HON®, Global and National, among many others. We saw a continuation of some trends from 2016 into 2017, such as the emphasis on Me/We pieces and collaboration, while also spotting new emerging trends for 2017, such as the shift into “resommercial” spaces and the introduction of darker hues in fabric choices, compared to the brights of years past.

Here is a round-up of the top four trends and highlights of interest from our design team:

  1. Flexibility in Movement

A big focus from Lacasse was the STAD Collection, which offers multi-use furniture pieces with a professional lifestyle look and feel. Responding to the growing needs of today’s open office concept, the collection includes Me/We pieces that can be moved and reconfigured to create privacy when desired or collaborative areas, perfect for impromptu meeting spaces. It also features adjustable height tables, sectional seating and poufs for greater comfort and better posture. The addition of these pieces into the workplace is leading to a shift of traditional office space into a “resommercial” (residential + commercial) feel, through both space layout and furniture design.

A big part of this collection is the noise reduction and acoustical wall solutions, the perfect accessories for open office spaces that can get a little loud. The pieces from this collection were featured in a mix of finishes and materials, and in trending dark and warm colours, including green, dusty rose, rusty; a shift from the white and bright mix of recent years.

Photo Source:

2. Bringing Comfort to Healthcare

Lacasse featured some of the newer pieces to their Healthcare collection, which brings a sense of warmth and comfort to healthcare furniture. The warm fabric tones and textures of the lounge area pieces help create an at-home feel. All pieces from the healthcare line are excellent for environments such as laboratories, pharmacies, emergency and procedure rooms.

2Photo Source: NeoCon Showroom

3. A Focus on Education

Top vendors including HON, Global, National and Allsteel had a major focus on higher education as well as corporate office learning spaces, such as training rooms. Pieces from these lines focused on flexibility with the ability to adapt and move in order to suit different learning types. The influence of technology was seen throughout each of the collections, with special features such as convenient power outlets for on-the-go charging stations.


Photo Source:

4. Office Retreat

Allsteel introduced their new line of lounge furniture, Retreat. The Retreat collection includes a number of great collaboration pieces greatly suited for smaller square footage or multi-use and shared spaces such as offices or meeting rooms. With the clean, flexible design, these pieces help to make the most of underutilized spaces by creating a space within a space with pieces like the high back lounge chairs with generous privacy wings.

AOSeriesRetreatBenefitHero_Retreat_Benefit3_Large.jpgPhoto Source:


Would you like to explore how you can introduce some of these elements into your workplace?  Speak to the experts. The furniture team at Staples Business Advantage can help. For more information visit:


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