How to Maximize Breakroom Benefits

In a recent Staples® Survey, 58% of respondents said  a well-stocked breakroom would encourage breaks and make for more productive employees. Giving some thought to your breakroom can benefit everyone and get you the most bang for your breakroom buck.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your breakroom, no matter how big or small.

Think Budget
While breakrooms might not seem like a major budget item, establishing a clear budget helps plan a space that meets your needs. Focus first on the big expenses such as the appliances, dishware and utensils employees may want or need.
Hint: Coffeemakers, microwaves and refrigerators are among the top must-haves.

Design the Right Space.
Designing and furnishing the breakroom to meet employee expectations is worth your while. The first step is deciding what your breakroom will be used for – quick breaks, full meals, internal meetings, employee socializing or a quiet spot for some much-needed downtime.

  • A space with no seating is seen as a quick place to grab snacks and supplies
  • Adding comfortable seating or tables and chairs creates a place to eat and socialize
  • Whiteboards and monitors encourage collaboration on work-related issues in the space.

Survey for Snack Choices.
Providing healthy snacks and beverages of your employees’ choosing keeps them feeling recharged, happy and appreciated. In a 2014 Staples® survey, respondents said they overwhelmingly prefer healthy snack options such as nuts and granola bars (57%) to traditional chips, cookies or candy (10%). So ask away, the answers may surprise you.

Don’t Forget To Clean Up.
A clean breakroom is a popular breakroom. You’ll want to include at least basic cleaning supplies in your budget so employees can manage spills and clean up after meals. Add surface cleaners, paper towels, disinfectants and air fresheners to your list.
Hint: Keep everything in its own space – label all your food, cleaning supplies and other inventory.

Safety First.
The breakroom is often the hub of any office, making it a good place to keep first aid and fire safety supplies. Just like with food, it is important to do period checks to make sure all of your supplies are up to date.

By taking a more comprehensive approach to your breakroom, you can not only better meet your employees’ needs, but also maximize the return on your breakroom investment.

To find out more about how Staples Business Advantage ® can help you maximize your breakroom ROI, please visit

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