Beyond the Furniture Lifecyle

The furniture division of Staples Business Advantage is proud to partner with csr eco solutions to manage the disposal and redistribution of old and broken office furniture that is no longer in use.

More than 78% of the products sold each year are to replace existing office furniture, and more than 67% of those items will end up in landfills with 8 months of the new product delivery. Working with recovery from csr eco solutions, the furniture division of Staples Business Advantage is able to work on meaningful and sustainable disposal of furniture and office assets that are no longer needed.  Any items beyond their useful life are recycled to best environmental practice.

Discover more about our environmental practices in our annual Corporate Social Responsibility report.


Recycling Pays

For businesses, recycling pays. Investing in a recycling program helps protect the environment, your people and your budget.

About 80% of what we throw away is recyclable.
And there’s more to recycling than paper and aluminum cans. Making simple changes to your business culture and recycling procedures can have a long-term positive impact on the environment – and your budget.

Easy solutions.
Install energy-efficient lamps that cost less to operate, shop tech waste and batteries to a nearby recycling centre, and put up signage at your facility that lets employees know where to put their trash. By taking these steps, you can help reduce energy consumption and lower trash-removal costs.

Improving company culture.
Employees prefer to work for companies with strong corporate responsibility programs, which include environmental consciousness. Turnover costs are reduced because these employees tend to stay with their companies longer and are happier with senior management when compared to their peers at companies with weaker cultures of corporate responsibility.

Recycling spotlight.
There are many different options when it comes to recycling. With so many different ways to help save the planet, companies need to create an eco-conscious culture.

By implementing these ideas, you can have a more planet-friendly workplace:

  • Recycling kits for batteries, electronics, lightbulbs and light tubes
  • Printer toner cartridge recycling
  • Waste receptacles
  • Recycling containers

Did you know?
In 2009 Canada produced 777kilograms of garbage per citizen*.
*Source: CBC News Article: Canadian produce more garbage than anyone else.

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The State of Today’s Workplace

As Staples Business Advantage reported last month, there are a number of changes taking place in workplaces across the globe that are affecting the way we do business: from cyber security concerns, to office culture, increases in work load to workplace flexibility. The overall conclusion is that businesses need to recognize these shifts and make the necessary changes in order to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

One of the biggest takeaways to consider is the significance in office space design and the importance of planning office space to fit a company’s needs, goals and culture:

“As businesses seek to create the optimal workplaces for their talent, there are a lot of factors at play. Jenya Adler, Director of Workplace Strategy and Michelle Boolton, Director of Interior Design for Staples Business Advantage, shared great insights on why, even at a time when office real estate is shrinking, space matters. And as companies seek to make the most of their space, the experts are quick to caution that trends aren’t everything—it’s important that a business plan its space and design carefully to fit its unique needs, goals and culture. What’s hot and trendy today might be passé tomorrow, but your business strategy and workplace culture won’t be.”

In short: whether you’re contemplating an open office concept or adding collaboration breakout rooms, creating a quiet zone or introducing outdoor work space, each business must always keep their goals and culture at the centre of the design strategy in order to properly meet the needs of the specific workplace.

Discover more about Staples Business Advantage’s report on the State of the Workplace here.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Workspace

The arrival of Spring tends to get most of us thinking about organization and spring cleaning. The thought of an organized inbox or cleaning off your desk (so you can actually see the bottom of it!) usually inspires us to attack the job head on and all at once – which can lead to an even further mess if you’re not careful and strategic about your approach. So how can you get the job done quickly and efficiently? Choose just one area to focus on at a time, and then move on once it’s done.

Whether you tackle the project five minutes at a time or you have an hour to spare, focusing on these suggested areas will leave you with a true feeling of refresh and organization.

Clean Your Desk – there are a million reasons to clean off your desk. But in addition to cleaning the space of piles of paper and old coffee cups, having a clean desk can get rid of all the lingering germs from the long winter months, sneeze-inducing dust, and the leftover crumbs from eating lunch at your desk. Create a space that inspires you to do you best work. Read more on the importance of a clean desk: 10 Million Reasons to Clean Your Desk.

Clean Your Computer – we’ve all been there: you boot up your computer each morning and stare at your desktop screen that’s cluttered with icons and saved projects that you keep meaning to file away. On top of that, your inbox is creeping up to well over 500 emails that are not filed or sorted. The best way to tackle this: do it now. Spring is a great time to organize your digital space, including unsorted emails and folders. Looking for desktop organization tips? Start here: 4 Steps To Reduce Digital Clutter.

Clear Your Mind – we all have a million things on the go, from meetings and deadlines, to projects, phone calls, and emails. We tend to get caught up jumping from task to task trying to tackle as much as we can. Stop the rush. Keeping a calm mind can help boost your productivity and enhance your overall health and wellness.

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Happy Cleaning!


Mission: Sustainability

As every facility manager knows, offices go through a lot of paper, from paper towels and facial tissue to bathroom tissue and napkins. This presents the perfect opportunity to buy products that support their companies’ overall sustainability missions while saving money.
Here are factors to consider when stocking up on sustainable paper for the bathroom and the breakroom:

Pre-and post-consumer content.
Many products are made with pre-consumer recycled content, utilizing wood scraps and other wood waste from manufacturing plants. Look instead for labels that indicate the levels of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content which is salvaged and recycled from used and discarded products like magazines and office paper.

Production without pollution.
In the case of recycled paper products, processed chlorine free (PCF) products contain recycled content produced without elemental chlorine or chlorine derivatives. These processes cut down on chemicals and pollution formed as a by-product of paper production.

Dispensing system.
Making your facilities eco-friendly is more than changing what you use, it can also mean changing how you use it. Save money and wasted product by installing dispensing systems that dispense a set amount of paper product.

Additional benefits.
In addition to saving resources and cutting down waste and pollution, the right paper products and dispensing systems can minimize germs and contamination and deliver significant cost-in-use savings

Did you know?
Not all green and recycled paper products are created equally, and just because a product is “recycled” doesn’t mean it’s the most sustainable option. Look for products with significant amounts of PCR content.

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