Learn to Love Your Office!

Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in telecommuting, freelance and contract workers, and company policies changing to allow people to work their entire workweek from home. In fact, the number of people searching terms online that include “work from home”, “remote”, “part-time” and “telecommute” has increased 42.1% in just the last two years, according to this Business Insider report. But to some, working from home may seem like a dream, as the reality is most offices still require employees to be present and in the office every day.

If you’re one of the millions of people that “lives” at the office from 9-5, Monday to Friday, then perhaps the challenge now is to learn to love your office. Adding a few personal touches can make your cubicle feel more inspirational and motivating. So if the beige office or empty cubicle walls are leaving you with little desire to spend even an hour in your office, it might be time to spruce up your space!

We’re not talking a major office overhaul, a few small changes can brighten up your space. Use these 6 tips to transition your cubicle or office to an inviting and inspirational space that you can get excited about:

Add some colour!

Office products come in so many colours to help spark creativity. Stock your desk with bursts of colour to help brighten up your day. From Post-Its to Sharpies, pens and tape, the every day workspace tool comes in so many fun and exciting colours.


Add your personal flare
There are lots of ways to add some DIY projects to your cubicle to make it feel a little more like your personal space. Adding family photos, pictures of your travels, or a fun calendar are a good start. Other fun DIY touches like wallpapered cubicle walls, a funky chair and other easy design elements can transform the space. Check out our Pinterest Board: Love Your Office for some inspiring ideas.

Change up your lighting
Vision Global Media VMCVLED1603_LimeLED_

If the glare of fluorescent lights above your cubicle aren’t inspiring you to your best work, try adding a desktop lamp or task light to brighten up your space. Changing the lighting can help improve your concentration and workflow.

Add some fresh air

FBI27218Can’t open a window? Add some plant life to your desk. Even a small plant will help purify the air and boost productivity. If you have very limited natural light and a plant may not survive, try adding faux-flowers or plants to your office and pair it with a humidifier or air purifier to help rejuvenate the stale office air.

Tidy Up
Make the most of the space you have. The pure act of cleaning the area around you will help make the space feel clean and new. Stop procrastinating and file away the stacks of paper sitting on your desk. The new space could be used for your new plant or photos!

Change up your scenery
SAF4750CI SAF4755GSCollaborative spaces encourage employees to utilize breakout rooms to brainstorm new ideas in a fresh and open atmosphere away from the typical four walls of a cubical desk. Add moveable furniture to the office to allow employees to pull up a chair or stool. This helps promote impromptu meetings and thought sharing sessions while working with the current workstations or seating areas already established in your office.

Find lots more inspiration for your workspace in our February Flyer.

Do you have a fun or personalized workspace? We’d love to see it. Tweet us a picture @StaplesAdvCan!

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