Stand Out In The Crowd: 8 Ways Promotional Products Will Get Your Brand Noticed


Promotional products spread brand awareness and make a positive impression on your audience.

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from incorporating promotional products into their marketing plans. So if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not they will work for your business, here’s a quick rundown of all the benefits promotional products can provide:

  1. Effective Advertising
    Promotional products are among the most effective advertising tools. They yield more brand impressions per dollar than television ads and print ads. They’re ranked as highly as digital marketing and radio. They also excel when it comes to longevity. Unlike other forms of advertising, consumers tend to hang onto promotional products for several months.
  2. Make Customers Happy
    The reason promotional products are so effective is that they make consumers happy. The vast majority of people love to get stuff for free, especially physical items that engage their senses and meet one or more of their daily needs.
  3. Shareable
    Promotional products also have the advantage of being highly shareable. The more a recipient likes a promotional product, the more he or she will use it, talk about it, and pass it on.
  4. Added Personal Touch
    Promotional products feel personal. Think about it: They involve a direct, person-to-person exchange between a business and a consumer. All promotional products become physical reminders of good brand experiences.
  5. Get Noticed
    Many businesses use promotional products in conjunction with marketing events—grand openings, conventions, trade shows, sponsored sports tournaments, and more. Not only do recipients enjoy the products, they also continue to enjoy memories of the event where they received it. There’s no better way to create positive associations between your brand and a cause or event.
  6. Brand Representation
    Great promotional products are brand representatives—physical representations of your company’s unique style and message. Promotional product buyers have an incredible freedom of choice. With thousands of types, styles, and price points to choose from, it’s possible to find the perfect product to represent your brand and appeal to specialized audiences. You can tailor your message to any occasion and reach potential customers in a personal, authentic way.
  7. Cost Effective
    The numbers don’t lie. According to the 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, promotional products continue to make a huge impact worldwide. Promotional products are among the most cost effective marketing tools, making them an affordable option for businesses of every size. They cost an average of only six cents per brand impression*, and some varieties—like bags—cost even less. Compared to other forms of advertising, that’s a real bargain. (*numbers based on US dollar and information)
  8. Generate Positive Views
    In addition to being cost effective, promotional products remain popular with consumers and generate positive attitudes about brands.
  • 83% of consumers report that they enjoy receiving promotional products
  • 4 in 10 plan on doing business with companies after receiving promotional products
  • 57% have more positive attitudes about companies that give out promotional shirts

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