Is Your Office Air Harming Your Health?

Did staying healthy for 2016 make the top of your New Year’s resolution list? Like most Canadians who make resolutions, it likely did. Adding in fresh foods and more exercise is a great start, but did you know that the quality of air we breathe plays a major role in living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle?

In most cases, good indoor air quality (IAQ) goes unnoticed. It’s only when air quality is bad that people start talking about it. Many symptoms commonly associated with a cold or the flu can actually be attributed to poor IAQ.

Here are seven tips for maintaining your facility’s indoor air quality.

From changing air filters to keeping your HVAC system up to date, maintaining the building is the first line of defense against poor IAQ.

Keep the building clean.
A proper cleaning routine can help rid the building of harmful bacteria and dust particles that build up over time.

Choose the right chemicals.
Choosing cleaning chemicals that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). There are many highly effective non-VOC cleaning options available.

Ensure proper airflow and ventilation.
Consult with a space-planning expert to achieve optimal airflow.

Carefully arrange furniture and equipment.
When placing office furniture and equipment, keep in mind your air circulation and temperature control systems, as well as the pollutant removal functions of your HVAC systems.

Watch emission sources.
Position significant emission sources, such as large copy machines, away from occupied spaces like cubicles and offices. Also, keep them away from air intakes.

Unblock air vents.
Teach building occupants the importance of not blocking air ventilation panels with furniture, equipment or personal items.

Schedule a site visit with a Staples Advantage Facilities Specialist to provide you with the information, advice and products you need to put your indoor air quality program into action. Visit for more information.


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