Is Your Breakroom Crawling With Germs?

So you’re ready to fight the good fight against office germs: your desk is clean, your hands are washed, and the office bathroom is sparkling clean. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve done all you can to combat the cold or flu germs that are floating around the office. Right? Well…not just yet. While all those things help fight office germs, there’s one hot spot that often gets overlooked: the breakroom.

A recent study carried out by Kimberly Clark Professional* found that breakrooms are one of the germiest areas in the workplace.

The study results proved that some of the highest level of germs were found hanging around the breakroom, including the sink faucet handles, the microwave door, the refrigerator door handles, and the vending machine buttons.

Click on the image below to view in full.


So how can you limit the number of germs floating around your office breakroom? Simple tips like keeping it a high priority for cleaning staff, supplying the right antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, and ask employees to wipe down hot spot zones with cleaning wipes after use.

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