Winter is coming. Are you prepared?

Preparing for winter starts early in most Canadian offices, and with winter right around the corner now is the time to make sure your workplace is ready for what Mother Nature has in store this year.

Between cold and flu season and unpredictable winter weather, there are a number of ways your office can be impacted during the winter months. Be prepared by creating a healthy workplace to minimize the impact of cold and flu season, and stock up on the right supplies to keep employees safe from the winter elements while at work.

From the parking lot to the sidewalk, front entrance to cubicle, it’s important to keep all areas of the office clean and clear of any slips, trips or fall hazards due to snow or ice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure timers for parking lot and exterior lighting are set to extended hours to provide extra light during the darker hours of the winter months
  • Provide additional personal protective equipment for warmth and higher visibility for anyone working outdoors
  • Keep front entrances clear of melted snow
  • Put dry floor mats down at all entrances and make sure floors throughout the building are kept clean of water or snow
  • Keep front sidewalks and pathways clear of snow and ice
  • Ensure parking lots are cleared of snow and ice in a timely manner
  • Keep salt bins or bags of salt at high traffic entrances so employees can keep an eye on any ice buildup throughout the day

Keep the right snow and ice removal tools handy to keep your employees and customers safe while at your place of business.

How can you be even better prepared for winter this year?
Staples Advantage has launched a Salt Guide tool to help companies make the most informed decisions on how much ice melt to purchase for the coming months. The interactive tool calculates the average snow days and snowfall for each region and makes a recommendation on the amount of salt needed.

Visit to see the Salt Guide and use the interactive tool.

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